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Visitors are struck by the pervasive cleanliness and courtesy. The government punishes lack of cleanliness and exhorts people to behave courteously. Littering is heavily fined. Youths with long hair have it forcibly cut. Courtesy is our culture, don’t lose it, is seen on public signs. Care for the aged as they have cared for us, and near a factory, Commitment to work and training bring family security. Work as a team, live as a people.
The government rules with a firm hand. Young people caught with drugs are caned, a carryover practice from when the British ruled the island

Despite the high heat and humidity, work proceeds at rapid rate. Bamboo scaffolding precedes the laying of brick walls or huge buildings. The bricks are laboriously carried up by hand as the walls rise.

In spite of being in the tropics, Singapore has a population density of ten thousand per square mile. About 70 percent of them live in what has been called the world’s most successful public housing scheme, apartment blocks, ten and twenty stories high.

The Chinese, like the French, are said to eat anything that moves. The street market in Singapore includes almost everthing that flies or swims, including boa constrictors and bats. Change Alley, another open-air emporium, can provide the shopper with something more than valentines to inspire love. A variety of aphrodisiacs and love potions are on hand to give Cupid a helping hand.

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