Montreal. Subway Map

I took a turn. “If that’s someone trying to talk to us, that’s fantastic. Do you mind us being here? If you could make that noise once for yes, twice for no.”

We listened as one light tap was followed by a second. Surprise filled Jane’s eyes as she glanced at Tracey.

For a brief moment, all was quiet then a resounding boom that literally shook the walls. That got our attention.

The 31st 8mo 1701. Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection, Quaker Information Montreal. Subway Map Center, Philadelphia, 12529. The Journal of Sarah Kemble Knight 1704 Sarah Kemble Knight, a Montreal. Subway Map Boston widow, traveled on business to New York City in 1704. She kept a journal of her adventures over a five-month period, relating her use of guides, her dangerous travels over land and water, her accommodations, and her observations of various towns along the way. She comments, for example, on the rigidity of punishment exacted in the colony of Connecticut and makes comparisons in the Sabbath observances in Boston and New York. MONDAY, October ye 2d, 1704.

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