Good morning. This morning we are doing a bit of volunteering here on the Yasawa Island with Vinaka Fiji. So this is Naviti Island and we are going to be helping out and working with some of the local children. We are going to be teaching them. So there is a group of us. They kind of left that way So some of the projects that Vinaka Fiji does, is they are trying to build up these water reservoirs because the water reservoirs get damaged a lot from hurricanes that come through the region quite often.

SNORKLING WITH MANTA RAYS Yasawa Islands Fiji Photo Gallery

Same with the buildings. They don’t have very long life span at all. Some storm rolls through and rips off all the shingles, the roof, so they have to constantly repairing the buildings, the schools. So the volunteers they come and they help out in a variety of projects. So the one we were doing today we have been helping them read, helping them, playing games, just giving them that one on one time that is really hard to find. The teachers they just don’t have the resources, so it really helps when volunteers come in and help. They are really trying to build a sustainable island here.a self sustain island I should say.

Agriculture, teach them ways they can build farms and provide food for themselves, so they have a variety of job options they are just trying to educate the villagers so they the kids are not leaving as soon as they are done school. The knowledge, the arts, they encourage them to go and live the life they want to live. So they can go follow their dreams. We go playing, soccer and rugby Welcome to Barefoot Island Lodge on Barefoot Island, and this is our lovely twin bed, I mean queen size bed. Hello Kristin, are you excited? We are going to cuddle. I am sure our accommodations is quite different from the previous place we stayed at look at this, is like a hut. It is a hut What is this? This is our bathroom, this is our shower. How.oh my look at the toilet Kristin? Oh yea, I love it.

I have a hammock oh camera That was a poor choice. What are you doing? We just got here. Don’t die. Good breakfast dance. We got two different type of Mantas; reef mantas and oceanic mantas. The reef mantas only stick around the reef, they don’t like deep water which is why they are not as big 3-4 meters for those. Oceanic grow to 6 meters sand the biggest one I found was 8.5 meters. So you have to stay nice and relaxed. If you see one coming towards you just stay still and they will go underneath you. Don’t start swimming if they come towards you, cause you’ll freak out and it will run off That was awesome, so cool.

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