Sossus Oasis Campsite Sesriem Namibia

Well here we are at Sossus Oasis three facilities to speak on here first of course a very important one is a big fuel station in here the shop full of all useful things there is an ATM here which is handy and lots of stuff for vehicles and things this is very handy so if you are in need of spares and repairs or top ups or things like that oh and ice cream because when you go to the desert you always need ice cream and that’s the place to go juices juices juices hats and moving on to snacks snacks oh and bread which I might pick up some bread wine in a box tin stuff always handy stuff very nicely stocked shop.

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Oh loads of stuff in here you’ve got your sunglasses so not to worry you can stick up on your sunglasses too there you go – your souvenirs and ready-made snacks fruit and veg more products more food and they’ve even remembered to put the chocolates in the fridge so if you’re craving or missing your chocolate or its all melted great its in the fridge as well as cooking stuff, you know healthy stuff not that chocolate isn’t healthy as well as more drinks cold drinks cold drinks cold drinks so a very well stocked shop and snacks and tea and coffee and they even have for cash an exchange rate which is really brilliant coffee souvenirs come and get it here water campsites one to twelve, that’s us eleven, went the wrong way around…

Well let’s take a closer look at one of the camping sites at Sossus Oasis Lodge right by the gate in Sesriem Namibia as you can see each spot has plenty of space to park vehicles you can drive in one side and out the other they’re well spaced from each other, as well and each has its own sheltered area a braai pit area for cooking and there’s your neighbor and the mountains in the background plenty, far away then you’ve got this area where you can set your tent up here underneath if you want or you could just use it for eating in a sink with hot and cold water plug sockets plenty plug sockets that’s your typical Namibian. Plug socket note on this one you’ve also got an international socket there as well which is useful heading into the bathroom there at the back again hot and cold water in the sink powered by solar but that’s not such a big problem in Namibia big shower as well also supplied with hot water by the solar panel and your last essential for camping a toilet all nicely enclosed thare nice and clean that so that’s a look inside one of the camping spots at Sossus Oasis and in the middle of all the camping sites you find this lovely little swimming pool which is perfect for cooling off in the heat of the day and washing all that sand off .

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