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North Carolina is famous for barbeque. Pulled pork sandwiches and barbeque platters are often the most popular items on the menus at restaurants and roadside stands. The locals are just as passionate about the style of their barbeque as they are about barbeque itself.

There are two different types of barbeque in the Tar Heel State – Eastern North Carolina barbeque and Western North Carolina barbeque. Both are porkbased, but that’s where their similarities end. Eastern-style barbeque is made from the entire pig, including both the white and dark meat, while Western-style barbeque is made from the pork shoulder where the meat is darker and more fatty. The sauces are different, too. Eastern North Carolina barbeque sauce is vinegar-based, made from a mixture of vinegar, salt, and pepper. Western North Carolina barbeque, also called Lexington-style, is a ketchup-based sauce. Both styles are equally delicious; it’s a good idea to try both to see which you prefer.

1729 The proprietors yield to Crown demands to sell their interests St. Louis Map in Carolina. After years of mismanagement and crisis, North Carolina becomes a Crown colony and comes St. Louis Map under the purview of an efficient, powerful, and rapidly expanding British colonial bureaucracy. The Crown concerns itself with matters of empire, and the colonial legislature focuses on local issues. These two bodies come into conflict a number of times before the War for Independence begins. At this point, North Carolina contains a population of 30,000 white people and 6,000 enslaved Africans, most of them workers on tobacco plantations, although some also serve urban masters. North Carolina’s population will increase nine times by 1776; it will eventually be the fourth most populous colony, behind Massachusetts, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. North and South Carolina, which have been administered by separate colonial governments since 1691, begin negotiations to draw an official boundary line between the two colonies.

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