What Stately and Luxurious Wedding Venues Have to Offer

While traditional church weddings have historically been the most popular place for couples to get married, the changing social and cultural landscape of the modern age has made alternative venues become increasingly popular. Many manors and stately homes have been converted into wedding venues in the modern age, something that allows couples to enjoy the grand and luxurious ornamentation and architecture of these homes on their special day. While the classical architecture bears many similarities to churches, stately homes also offer a number of fantastic benefits that can make your special day one to remember for a lifetime. Many stately homes possess fantastic and rich gardens and open areas, something that allows couples to be surrounded by beautiful scenery during their wedding. On top of this, the large dining and banqueting rooms within stately homes can also accommodate a large number of guests, providing a luxurious and emphatic atmosphere where married couples and their guests can eat and drink together amidst some of the finest surroundings available. There are many other reasons why stately homes have become increasingly popular with couples, and these reasons are explored in more detail below.

Give the day a special feel

Because most stately homes are located in rural areas, this sets them apart from many church weddings that are hosted within busy residential and commercial areas. Travelling out into the beautiful British countryside is something that gives a special feel to the day, and this is something that both married couples and guests can enjoy. The grandeur of the building also helps to elevate any wedding, giving it a unique and prestigious quality that cannot be replicated.

Benefit from luxury services

As mentioned previously, a large number of stately homes have been transformed to specialise in weddings, something that allows them to offer many fantastic services to couples. Many stately homes can take care of much of the practical work of organising and setting up a wedding, including catering and flowers. Because of the prestige that stately homes enjoy, you can be sure that the services will be of an exceptional quality.

Be surrounded by beautiful natural scenery

Undoubtedly one of the main appeals of having a wedding at a stately home like Sandon Hall, Chatsworth etc is the fact that the grounds and gardens offer a completely new dimension to traditional church weddings. Many weddings can be hosted exclusively outdoors if the weather is right thanks to the vast amount of space afforded by the large grounds, while the surrounding natural countryside lends a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere to the day.

Grand and prestigious architecture

Stately homes are famously luxurious when it comes to ornamentation and architecture, and this is something that couples can be surrounded by when making their vows. While churches are also beautiful when it comes to their architectural style, much of their nature is religious. Stately homes can combine religious symbolism with many other artistic and cultural aspects, creating a unique vibe and atmosphere that cannot be surpassed.

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