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Connecticut fights in the War for Independence largely to maintain the Hungary Subway Map rights guaranteed by its charter. As such, it sees no need to call a new state Hungary Subway Map constitutional convention during or after the war. Matthew Jennings Delaware Prior to the Arrival of Europeans Most of the Native Countrys living along the Delaware River consider themselves Lenni Lenapes, meaning the original people.

They speak a language belonging to the Algonquian family of languages, and they live in a loose confederation of autonomous villages, essentially wedged in between the Five Nations of the Iroquois and the Susquehannock, with whom they fight intermittently. Within villages, a relatively strict gender division is observed. Men hunt individually, while women farm in groups.

The major exception to this rule is the fall deer kill, which involves whole communities. 1609 Henry Hudson, an Englishman commanding the Dutch ship Half Moon, becomes perhaps the first European to lay eyes on Delaware Bay. Hudson is searching in vain for the Northwest Passage, but accounts of his travels spark interest among the Dutch and the English, who will become the main European players in the Delaware River Valley.

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