Stromboli’s US Map & Phone & Address

187 North St, Newton; (617) 630-0002

37 Beach St, Manchester; (508) 526-7774

12 Green St, Woburn; (617) 935-0070

Tired of the big gourmet pizza chains? (Uno who they are…) This family-run local landmark is every bit as good better, in Mine’s opinion. Not that you’d ever suspect fancy food from the outside; the Newton restaurant, in particular, looks like a stucco-covered, roadside sub shop. Wrong.

Fifteen varieties of pizza range from $5.95 for the small basic to $12.95 for the large-size Garlic Glazed Chicken. Other toppings include shrimp, goat cheese, toasted sesame seeds, artichoke hearts some thirty in all. The brick-ovened crust is thin and crunchy, the ingredients fresh, and the atmosphere is attractive and cozy. Two people can share even a small pizza, adding salads or soup, and come away satisfied for well under ten bucks each.

Fancy pasta dinners are also made on the premises. Most are priced from $7-$10, a bit higher than in the past; but portions are good and the quality easily matches that of fine (read: expensive) Italian restaurants. The newer menu boasts such cutesy creations as Chicken Calabrese The Way It Should Be ($9.25), served with pasta on the side. Beer and good wines are available.

Lunches are more reasonably priced, served from 11-3; pizzas for one are just $3.95, pastas $5-$6. And seniors (60+) get early-bird specials on weekdays and all day Sundays. Stromboli’s cooks from 11 a.m. to 10 pm. daily, Sundays from noon.

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