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72 Broad Sl, Boston; (617) 338-8509


Founded by a chef from Turkey, Sultan’s Kitchen claims to be the only Turkish restaurant in Boston. It’s also one of the great spots in the Financial District and it’s jam-packed at lunchtime.

Fight your way in if you can. The food here is fresh, made with all-natu-ral ingredients, and it’s delicious. Order and pay for your food; then look for a table nearby, or in the upstairs room, which is pleasantly decorated though more like a country home than Constantinople.

Anyway, the food is yummy. Soups, at $2.85 for a large twelve-ounce bowl with pita bread, include egg lemon with chicken, a hearty stew; curried lentil; and, on the cold side, cacik (yogurt, cucumber, mint and garlic) and gazpacho.

There are all kinds of salads, from taramosalata (fish roe with olive oil and lemon juice) to well-known Middle Eastern fare such as falafel, tabouli, and grape leaves. All cost around $5 a plate. The meze plate ($6.25) is a great combination of all these vegetarian dishes, with bread. There are soup/salad combinations available for $5.75.

Shish kebabs come in sandwich or dinner form, charcoal-grilled and tasty. Choose from lamb, chicken, kafta (ground lamb mixed with spices), beef, or swordfish. The sandwiches, about $5, come with salad; dinners (around $7) include salad, rice pilaf, and feta cheese.

Baklava, rice pudding, and other desserts are all under $2. In addition to coffees, teas, and fruit juices, beer and wines are available. Sultan’s Kitchen is only open Monday to Friday, from 11 am. to 5 p.m.

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