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One of the biggest in Sweden is the warship Wasa. Built in 1628, it sailed a total of three hundred meters. The ship foundered and sunk in Stockholm harbor the day it was launched. It was raised from the mud between 1959 and 1961 and is now a museum piece.

Arrive after one stop in their own countries. The Swedes themseves are ardent travelers, both within Sweden and abroad. Ninety-two percent of all Swedes fifteen to sixty-five years take holidays and 1.9 million traveled outside the country in 1981.

The Swedes seem much impressed with their Wasa Museum, which centers on the warship Wasa, built in 1628, which then capsized the same year as it moved out from drydock into the Stockholm harbor. Raised in 1961, a building was constructed around the ship and museum buildings supporting the ship added. Many replicas of famous ships of the past have been built. The Wasa is the original. There are also fifty museums in Stockholm.

For food lovers, Stockholm has the Operakellarn, perhaps Europe’s most ornate restaurant, a part of the Stockholm Opera House. If you don’t like or can’t afford it, try one of the other five hundred Stockholm restaurants.
It was a heavy commitment, but with the 1989 launch Sweden Metro Map of his J. Lohr Estates wines featuring all-estate fruit, Lohr elevated his label to Sweden Metro Map a new level of quality. In 2002 he launched the heralded J. Lohr Cuvee Series, a trio of blended red wines made in the styles of the Bordeaux regions of Pauillac, St. Emilion, and Pomerol. Debuting in 2009, the Gesture series of Rhone-inspired wines reflects the distinctive microclimates of western Paso Robles.

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