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Bus Timetable, be aware that timetables change quite often How to get there: Getting to the terminal is a bit of headache, as public transport is limited. The easiest option is to take a metered taxi, but if you’re going there in the evening, especially during workdays, be prepared to fight a serious traffic jam getting there can take 30 minutes or a full hour from the city center. A taxi ride from Khao San Road or city center should end up around 120 baht in favorable traffic conditions.

Avoid Khao San Road Buses:

Important Warning: Most Buses originating from Khao San Road (or others with travel agent sold tickets) are famous for thefts from passenger luggage. They are cheap (around 500 baht) but under no circumstances leave anything valuables in bags that will go in the luggage storage areas, even if the bags can be locked; consider it inevitable that every bag will be opened while the bus is in motion. This is not a joke, but routine as one of the employees usually hides in the luggage area and has plenty of times to go through the luggage or all passengers while on a multiple hours trip.

By Train

We do not recommend trains in Thailand. It is more expensive than buses and way slower as well. Those of you that prefer the trains out of whatever reason you will find the train station in Bangkok called Hualamphong Train Station which is also served by public Transport (MRT = Subway)

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