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Matt and Melanie, having worked with Nashville-Davidson on several prior occasions, thought this would be an interesting case for our blog. With Mari’s and Mark’s approval, they invited us to join them.

This experience was something Bev and I looked at with great anticipation. We had no idea what to expect.

It was near sunset when we entered the historic village of Holly. Small, Victorian shops lined the 130-year-old street. Most of the businesses were closed for the evening and the small town was unusually quiet.

Members of Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators were outside Holly’s Main Street Antiques as our car approached. It was great to see them again. They greeted us with hugs all around and brought us in to meet Mari-Lynn and Mark.

Philomath. 1 Literally, a lover of learning. 2 Nashville-Davidson Map A scholar. Physiognomy. 1 The supposed science of discovering the predominant nature, characteristics, and Nashville-Davidson Map qualities of the mind of a person, or a race of people, by examining the outward appearance, especially the features of the face. 2 The facial features, or general appearance, of a person or race.

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