The Best Hotel Room in South East Asia

Hey guys how you doing we are currently in vang Vieng in Lao, and I thought to start the post would do something a little bit different we’re just checking out of our hostel here we thought we’d show you what the difference is between the 20-dollar place in Asia, and a 200-dollar ninth place in Asia always in Asia got to remember to take your shoes off this is the spot we are just checking up it might be a little bit messy. But this is the front of our room this is the view that we have, and then we come inside we got a king’s we did kind of upgrade this one was $27 a night. Because we got aircon. So you got aircon works super well, and then we have a king bed here they did give us some water, and some soap last night which was really nice here bed is a little bit messy. Because we are just checking out got a little desk here, and a little fan I would assume the other rooms which are slightly cheaper just have the fan, and not the aircon see they put like some rules up here regulations for hotels, and guesthouses, and then they did give us some towels to use which was super nice, and then this is pretty much our bathroom. So we have our toilet a bit of a bin, and then we have hot water which is always great quite common to have these little machines in Asia which make the hot water it was about a lukewarm for hot water shower this morning the view from our bed is just a bit of a well I think that’s a fly nest.

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But just some trees over there, and some of the other rooms, and the most important thing our review on the coffee humph click Comfort it very sweetly, and free bananas alrighty guys we just arrived at the Riverside boutique here in vang Vieng, and we’ll show you what a $200 a night hotel looks like in Southeast Asia. So currently on the second floor. So, I’ll just show you guys around this is the bathroom that we have a nice big mirror got the shower, and the bath which will definitely be going into latest night, and the fresh towels they also have some tea, and coffee for us, and also a bit of a minibar as well, and then this is our room that we’ve just checked into we’ve got a nice king-size bed just over here TV desk to do some work also got a bit of a lounge room just here. So we can relax, and of course there’s some aircon, and then, I’ll show you guys the view. So I said we are currently on the second floor, and we have a bit of an outdoor balcony, and chosen tables, and that’s the view again now for the speed test. So definitely getting a vote tonight, and that is actually a really good speed to Southeast Asia I think that’s one of the best we’ve ever had, and of course with the $200 a night hotel you get a pool might come closer to me if we’re far away I was my plane Oh guys it’s next day, and I think Stephen, and I might have salad regret. Because we wanted to be healthy if it was a regular salad I wouldn’t have said anything.

But you have that big yesterday at lunch we ordered a salad, and we’re all happy enjoying our salad, and then this morning I woke up the Stephens stuck on the toilet number two, and then straight after um I ran in there, and ended up throwing up. So, I’m guessing it’s a salad, and we have such fun stuff planned today we are going like tubing through caves, and kayaking, and ziplining it’s like a Big Dave adventures, and currently we’re just like stuck in bed, and just don’t when you get out of bed we meet, and like down a half, and we’re going to see how I feel. But food poisoning, and Asia right I know sorry we have an hour, and a half to where to meet. So maybe we’ll I bets like an hour, and then see during that half an hour if we should go or not. So crucially we feel better that was a really crappy morning literally number two came out of number one yeah you’re literally oh how are you even I cannot believe you’re hungry I just won all right go to the restaurant you’re crazy my sister fried outside guys breakfast ends in like 15 minutes. But wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t any cruise left I won’t be blaming them. But see what I can what I can get here like I should have put some shoes on ah forgot how beautiful the view from this pool is right breakfast ten minutes left we have kind of been on like a no grains kind of diet for the wedding.

But, I’m really craving some pancakes mildly cereal yeah this is exactly what I feel like, I’m sorry tire your life, and that should be me, and just enjoying our meal I know having chocolate croissants, and toast with mulberry Jam, and coffee with milk enough, and probably what you should not be having when you have an upset stomach bug, and also with the wedding coming up in a couple months. But which is two good guys it feels. So terrible it’s absolutely amazingly beautiful Resort we had such fun stuff planned for you today, I’ll show you all of a being who just cannot believe Lisa up, and food, and me hopefully that means, and feel a little bit better to have some solids. But just as one struggling harder than me at the moment it was a bad idea I don’t know why it’s a good crystal some vilely cereal how are you gonna feel if I don’t eat you. But Lincoln handle to Billy sorry now you guys take along today. So how about 12 o’clock, and Steve, and I decided we’ll come outside just to go, and walk, and go grab some bottles of water, and some Gatorade or something for isotonic electrolytes I don’t know the word Steven I like walking along oh my gosh such bad stomach cramps seems like such bad stomach cramp, and use I don’t feel well is that let me run into the store you just sit down come back Stephens throwing up all over the road tomorrow my gosh I think we’re gonna be spending the rest of the day in bed this is not fun guys this is our first time ever having food poisoning it’s not fun priority guys sorry. But we are going to be spending the rest of the day in bed.

So, I’ll give you guys a little update it is now 5:00 o’clock with selects like four hours, and I have any anything all day. So I think we’re going to go, and try, and go get some food, I’m feeling a little bit better after sleeping, and not eating I think Stevens shouldn’t have gone, and had breakfast this morning. But he’s learned his lesson actually not standing up on Sunday get stomach cramps. But an awesome Jerry like I haven’t eaten today it’s like a party going on downstairs well, I’m jealous like people applauding in the pool some jealous Oh Hey everybody how you guys doin’ see this now the next day and, I’m actually feeling a lot better jet it’s probably just decided yesterday, and we have a Bostick action about four hours back to the MPN, and that bus guided like two, and a half hours knowledge super comfy bus ride hopefully can get sorted before then otherwise man I feel. So sorry for her. But it hasn’t even rained here, and then we woke up this morning to this insane downpour you can’t even see it would be a bit of the island the pool is just flooding at the moment, and I might go try round two of breakfast I really shouldn’t be having breakfast. Because imagine if then it’d start off again with me.

So like, I’m really craving more than focusing on you’re likely going to regret this yeah all right bye vang vien cuz this is pretty much jewelry store bang vieng we get picked up, and half an hour. But a teacher he’s just still in major struggle town feel. So sorry for her, and i pretty much ends up time here in vang vien guys we had just if interesting how you plans can completely change if you get six well I really do apologize I think we do want to come back to Lao, and if we do is come back to Lao I will come back, and revisit vang vieng just. So we can show you all the incredible things there’s a lot of adventure activities you can do yeah it’s also a bit of a party town for those who want to come out, and party like literally just across from our villa is like these voids to to party on. But it is it is really beautiful Lao is still a country that there’s so much more to you see I almost feel like we need to do another 10 days back past interests, and lazar Cambodia theory. But yeah thank you guys fit sticking with us we have a lot of fun stuff we still have about two more weeks left in Southeast Asia be God. So that Island business visitors before we’ll see new visiting some really beautiful resources well we’re heading back to Bangkok tomorrow.

So then we can go after some of the islands of Thailand. But thanks so much guys for sticking with us really do apologize. But if you’ve ever had food poisoning before you know what it’s like I feel like we’re at a mild one get probably had a little bit more than me. But yeah you know what it’s like. But thank you so much for sticking with size, and we will see you next time yeah.

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