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“What’s up?”

“Matt Moyer is on the phone. You won’t believe the next place he has for us to investigate.”

Matt and Melanie Moyer are the co-founders of Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators. A team we respect and frequently join on investigations.


“The Whiting.”

Surprised I responded, “The Whiting Auditorium in Flint? It’s a beautiful theater and relatively new. I didn’t know it had paranormal activity?” With that Bev put the phone on speaker and Matt shared what he knew.

From Matt’s understanding, there have been decades’ worth of reports from Whiting employees. Actually, there is quite an assortment of phenomena including disembodied voices, shadowy apparitions and unexplained footsteps, to name a few.

No one is certain who may be haunting the auditorium, although some suspect it may be the spirits of at least two people who were known to have passed away in the theater. One is a worker who, during construction, fell from a scaffold on the stage. Another may be that of a guest who passed away in a lower balcony seat during a performance of “Oklahoma.”

It is also the common belief there are other spirits, former employees of The Whiting, that may still remain attached to the auditorium. One of those is the long-time theater manager, Roy Bower.
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