I do discuss the winner there’s so money guess who’s behind the camera right now huh one guess oh it’s sex messed up the one, and only season is open DK a roommate whom a menu you bet me on this trip oh god head room to myself no he’s really let it up in there I don’t know that actually sounded pretty bad it’s basically is editing back it’s the 17th of October 2018 from Sultan’s in the Maldives that’s your first surf. But this is it we are nearing the end of our trip we have two more days here in the Maldives it’s been a really chilled morning. So far we woke up, and it was raining. So we kind of just took it easy had some breakfast, and now we went over to like I said saltiness I love how when we got here we go there’s three people in the lineup now 20 people in the Maldives once the secret gets out that there’s good surf every single boat rolls up here we have a nice pirate ship rolling up there’s one over ship over there, and then one over there yeah, I’m coming one minute, I’ll be right down no break you know break it break it up anything yeah great first up you come yeah maybe next time guna yeah nice man you know what you know what you know what you know what you know what such a good session always bring the GoPro I had some of the best waves of the full trip you guys know I have that love hey Matt the camera sometimes it’s good to post things. But other times it’s good to have it right up here I had some of the best waves of the whole trip today on this trip I forgot to bring shampoo.


Which Maldives Island Is Perfect For You?

So I’ve been borrowing shampoo for the whole trip, I’m gonna take a shower clean off oh. So we’re taking the boat out to the Four Seasons Resort we’re grabbing some lunch we might be able to explore the resort a little bit. But the boats here now a lighting Packer thank you yeah you look like you’re going to Four Seasons Wow paradise absolutely, I’m sure you like to the welcome drink it’s honey ginger, and lines that’s a welcome them as we offered to get on it I work for Shawn, and Johnny will be with me, and I will be the rest of the group we have the lunch table ready. So we will take you to our Asian restaurant which is named as cafe bra which has a mix of Asian, and Western cuisine all will be on other heartbeat system. So let me know when you’re ready, I’m right here waiting for you thank you we get here, and they have welcome drinks for us super super nice people working here thank you you want to be in the post, I’ll get this option morning sir we were adding the surf for like what four hours yeah you aren’t there a lot longer than I was yeah you got some good my secret kind over here what was that the rush the rough side yeah we’re really roughing it right now walked into like five palm trees already you know we’ve been on the boat for the past like eight days, and it’s so different I say staying on a boat in the Maldives compared to staying in a resort. So Yanni, and you, and organized us a little trip to the Four Seasons just. So we could post I guess the other side of staying in the Maldives.

Top 10 Resorts in Maldives

Because it is very very different golf carts all around what do you feel about this Marcus leases Marcus approved. So if you didn’t know Marcus posts, and edits with unit, and this is Marcus yeah, and he has two cameras am i, I’m I’m done a lot of people been asking about you okay they say who’s the tall handsome Nordic and, I’m dead serious. So this is Marcus hey guys yeah. But this is something else yeah this is like this is is like the infinity pool the little huts we just had a feast of all feast for the past week we have been having boat food you know we’ve been having curry, and rice, and fish, and chicken every day for every meal that was that was a treat we sat down had fish tacos coffee remember the one day we went to the resort, and was raining that was $8,000 per week this Resort is it’s safe to say it’s one of the top places I’ve ever seen I can only imagine how much it is per week here 15,000 twenty maybe Yunnan Yanni or actually don’t get massages. Because we’re here from Yanni her Instagram I think she has like nine hundred, and fifty thousand Instagram followers today thank you thank you sir odds. So apparently they were saying it is ten thousand dollars per night for the top room here I think doing what we’re doing on the boat is the best way to see the Maldives I mean I can 100% appreciate this resort. But ten thousand a night you yeah it’s not worth the money no let’s go uh you want candy bashing come look at the candy section look at that it hurts nice well there are both changes this is all we have the banana no there’s no bananas here we’re going to do the bananas thinking that sutala Jesse just these two please, and now we go back to the boat thank you sir.

So Matthew yes what are you doing look at Instagram let’s all just take a moment right here to admire this beautiful California Dream yes where are they always you out there now we’re just chillin right now we’re here with mass we have Marcus over here we have Sebastian, and we have Heather over there, and then over this way oh my god we have the captain of the ship matt is actually starting a blog oh you want to see should start a blog Oh hands-free now let me ask you guys. So when you watch a post what do you like the seed you like to see crazy adventure things like surfing or do you like to see just chilling on the boat hanging out going on Instagram, and in just talking, I’m serious say I want to see what you want to do I would just ask that one question yes retreat follow me on Instagram yeah I hit with a steam dizzy Oh Oh God really let go follow these two on Instagram yeah amazing new tactics did you post the rainbow picture no it’s coming up when yes I don’t know. But it’s sometime good yeah in the future we’ve got a whole better follow me to see it yeah yeah a lot of gold coming out.

I love any called the book like you see that perfect glistening body with those perfectly lit clouds, and you got gold honey you got gold six pistols r kid we are scared about the variant, and finish this flip Heather what’s about to better always all right we’re here now we are at the bow the bow we had the captain we’re moving into the cove for the night protected from with some Movember we have some on the post, and he is the most sports person I’ve ever met yesterday we were jumping off the top of the boat yeah the front flip radius yeah break heaven yeah we’re in the ocean most of the day, and then at night you to be sheltered from the wind we come to this Cove, and this is where all the big boats dock up for the night, and then over there you have the huts one of the hardest things to get through in postblogs is the real humid experiences like today we got back from the resort, and we just sat on the boat, and we talked for hours, and kind of just dicked around we played music we’re always hanging out trip is coming to a close and, I’m not really ready to leave yet I sort of been. Because, I’m really excited for buffer festival. So basically, I’m leaving the Maldives, I’m going to Doha then, I’m going to Toronto for five or six days depending in Toronto, I’m going to have a meet-up on probably the 21st which is my birthday. So, I’ll have those details out in the block soon enough that is it for today’s post, I’m retiring to my tiny quarters on the boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean I like saying that I don’t know why it’s called a document. Because you know how many times in your life are you able to say that you’re living on a boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean in the Maldives.

So until tomorrow everyone smile more worried less, and live your passion get out there, and live it, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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