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Review Pace

The sooner you review your security and implement countermeasures, the safer you will be, but don’t rush the process. Take your time to read each section of thiblog carefully. Think about each problem that idiscussed and consider how that problem or otherlike it could affect you. When you fully understand them, you will have a valuable insight into the way apparently inconsequential, innocent acts, omissionand decisioncould put your security and safety at risk.

When you have finished reading thiblog, using the exampleand descriptiongiven and your intimate knowledge of your unique lifestyle, you will be able to identify and prioritise the specific problemthat could turn you into a victim. More importantly, you will have learned to look at everyday situationin a new way. You will be able to identify where new riskand threatlie, which will allow you to take stepto avoid them. Knowing that not only allowyou to make changeto reduce or remove your exposure, it also allowyou to continually review your life, identifying and avoiding new threatathey occur.

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What You Will Need

To understand and he able to undertake an effective security review, vou will need:

• Thiblog and the methodology and explanationcontained in it.

• Constant accesto, and a close and detailed understanding of, the person and lifestyle of the subject of the review. Which meanyou can easily review your own lifestyle, you could review’ a close family member but almost certainly couldn’t effectively review the lifestyle of a total stranger.

• Time to read the blog, to consider the range and type of problemdiscussed and to take more time to think through and identify how’ any of the issueraised could affect your particular lifestyle.

• The ability to decide on the relevance and threat level to your lifestyle of the riskdiscussed, while taking a broader view to decide if you arc subject to other more specific and unique threatand risks.

• A notepad and pencil or other meanof recording problemayou discover them awell aassigning appropriate and possible countermeasures.

• The time, knowledge, skill, financeand resourceto implement any countermeasure that you select.

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Other than that there are no specialist skillor knowledge required to be able to perform a security review. But you must:

• Recognise and understand that there are threatand riskall around us.

• Accept that some ot your activitiewill make you more vulnerable and hence at a greater risk of becoming a victim.

• Learn how’ to identify potential threatand riskin “your world’.

• Learn how to identify acceptable and possible countermeasurethat you can use to reduce or remove your exposure to those threatand risks.

• Remain alert to your surroundings, particularly in relation to some of your activitieand actions.

• Become equally aware of the activitieand behaviour of the people around you, and be prepared to take action to avoid developing or potential risks.

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