THE LAND DOWN UNDER Cairns Australia

This site is amazing hey guys welcome to the beginning of my contiki Australia tour. So. I’m doing the beaches.

And reefs, it’s a 15-day khatik door from Cannes goes all along the east coast down to cine. So why not start off with a bang we are here at the aj hackett. I know, you guys love this bungee site here in cannes yes, you can see behind me okay.

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So there’s two different things she came here as the bungee that’s great for sweeney are, you scared. I’m gonna do what swing bitch in this week. I was really good, you can’t see this from the ground, but, you go parallel parallel with that bridge that’s all right having a freakout moment up there because.

I did not know it was going to be parallel. I did exist good afternoon guys. So right now.

I’m getting my life check around. And im gonna have a helmet too, but we are going to go whitewater rafting yah gasps yah yah. So, this is going to my fourth time.

I’ve been like we’re after, but this one is a different River, this is a Tully river in Australia. And we’re going to be doing great free. And before Rapids now Robin grades go from one to five.

So that’s the commercial Rutgers little the only ones that we can actually rap really six is like sending from the Niagara Falls. I’m your underwear, you don’t want to do it no one DC. I mean find that being wet yes very much.

So down exactly spectacular spectacular here we are on the Tully river under the waterfall, you right now. I’m just sitting here at dinner. ?

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