The Spontaneous Fantastic Apptastic Road-Trip

This is Delica. Our method of transportation for a spontaneous road trip birthday weekend getaway with my best friend Ashley. This is a wonderful staycation we like to do right here on the rugged West Coast of Canada that I am very excited to share with you. Part of roadtripping being on the road. Many hours. I had three large coffees today and zero sleep. But at least I am not driving anymore Alright, just stopped for a quick coffee break and since it was a very last minute trip and we wanted to get on the road as soon as possible, we haven’t quite figure out where we are going to spend the night tonight luckily.

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I a have a solution to it. It’s an App called Hotel Tonight and it makes planning where we are going to spend the night very easy. Hotel tonight is great for last minute bookings, as hotels give them last minute discounts on empty rooms So you get the best rate, guaranteed. They are all hand picked selection of top rated hotels, that can be booked in just 10 seconds. Accommodation sorted.

There are seriously so many different types of hikes that you can do here on the West Coast. Because the West Coast of Canada is so naturally beautiful, most of the times spend on this trip was hiking the beautiful trails in the Temperate Rainforest, or walking along the many kilometers of wild sandy beach, exploring the various coves and rocks. All this behind me, in the winter time, this would all be under the ocean. There are of course dozens and dozens of other outdoor activities you can do on the West Coast but, that is the beauty of travel. It is so customizable You don’t always have to do something, you can just be in an amazing place with the people you care about. We are going to eat lunch right there. Ocean, food, food from the ocean. Thank you to Hotel Tonight for helping me make this video happen. Click on the video boxes to see some more apptastic videos. Bye.

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