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Tiananmen Square is the geographical center of Beijing, the capital of China. It is the world’s biggest city square. It is spread over in 4, 40,000 square meters. It is 500 meter wide from east to west and 800 meter long from north to south. Around ten lakh people can collect in it. ‘Tiananmen’ means heavenly peace.

In the center of the square there is a 124 feet high memorial. In the east there is the China Museum; in the west is the Great Hall of the People; in the north is the Tiananmen Tower and in the south is the Solman Mao Zedong Memorial. All these buildings attract large number of tourists from all over the world.

In the north of the Tiananmen Square is the Tiananmen Gate through which one can access the ‘Forbidden City’. The Tiananmen Gate was constructed in 1420 by the Ming Kings. In 1651, the Qing Kings destroyed it and made it again. They also built the Tiananmen Square. At that time this square was one – fourth of what it is today.

In the attacks of 1860, the British and French forces had collected in this square itself. They decided to burn the ‘Forbidden City’ but later they changed their decision and attacked the ‘Summer Palace’. Their attacks are still visible.

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In 1900, during the Boxer Rebellion the Tiananmen Square again came into the battlefield. Many foreign powers collected here. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties rule all the important royal messages and rules were announced from here. The important events would also be organized here. This square has witnessed the crowning of kings, royal marriages, religious activities, royal welcomes etc. The kings would organize a religious function before going to war for praying the Lord in hopes of winning.

In the year 1949, the communist governance came into China and Tiananmen Square got its official name. In 1958, the Communist Government gave Tiananmen Square a bigger size as it is today. They gave it an official look by building memorials on all sides of it. Today this square is the symbo0l of the power of the Chinese Communist Government.

In 1989, the Tiananmen Square again attracted everybody’s attention when many students and Buddhists took up the courage to speak and protest again eth Communist Government. The government crutched this revolt completely and many lives were killed. The Tiananmen Square was again colored with blood.

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