The Stone Forest China

This stone forest is located about 80 km away from the provinces of Guangxi, Guizhou and Yunnan in China. It is also known as ‘Shilin’ in Chinese language and is one of the world’s natural wonders. This forest spans in an area of about 350sq km and is believed to be formed about 25 to 30 million years ago. The stones found here can be about 10 storeys high and are in the shape of humans, gods, birds, animals and trees. Some stones may be in the form of elephants or in the shape of a tree and the shape basically depends on the observer’s view. According to the geologist, this area was immersed in water and had limestone deposits. With time and natural movement of water, the effects of rain and wind helped form these stones into their present state.

The stones seem to tell a story in its own way. It provides relief to sit in the shade of some of these huge stones. Some stones are in the form of a warrior that seem to be ready to attack you and makes you want to move away from there. Some of the rocks appears to be kind and innocent like children, and almost makes you want to pat them.

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Truly these stones have their own way to express their emotions, and all we need is to understand that. The people of ‘sani tribe’ reside in this area. Every year according to the Chinese calendar on the 24th of June the local people celebrate the ‘Fire festival’ that lasts for many days and displays the skills of wrestlers, bull fights, dragon plays, lion dance etc. that constitutes the cultural show. The stone forest comes to life. The tourists still seem to enjoy the natural beauty of this forest more.

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