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Terracotta Army museum is situated in China’s Lintong city and is most ancient museum. In this museum 2,200 years old China’s terracotta culture warrior’s representatives are there. These warriors mostly are shown holding real weapons like spear, swords, and crossbows and other weapons are seen, they look like they are ready to go for a battle. In the soldiers they include every form of army men from bottom to General. All the warrior’s faces are different as though they have been made by seeing the real soldiers. Not only this actually their hair, height, facial expressions, dress, emotions and others are seen completely differing from one another. Their height is usually 6 to 6.5 feet and weight 100 to 300 kilogram. Along with them their horses, horse riding soldiers, chariot and etc are displayed. All of them are made out of the same common mud.

In fact all these are soldiers and their goods are 2,200 years old and have been found while digging work of one well was being carried. That time at the time of digging one underground room was found and then the archeologists came and investigated after which the digging further continued. In that area more 4 such rooms, 8000 warriors, 130 chariot, 520 horses and others were taken out after digging. Later terracotta museum was developed.

Terracotta Army Museum China Photo Gallery

There are many stories to why the soldiers were buried in that. One of the stories depicts that these statues were the replica of the army of the first emperor of China ‘Qin Shi Huangdi’. When the emperor died, his body was buried along with these Terracotta soldiers with the belief that they will protect the emperor in his next birth. It is said that these statues were completed with the help of 7.25 lacs sculptures and took 38 years to finish.

These terracotta soldiers were discovered in the 20th century and believed one of the ancient fines. It has helped to understand and study the culture, the financial history and their war tactics. In December 1987, UNESCO added the first findings of this historic place in its list of world heritage places.

It is an awesome experience to visit this site. It transports you into a world that is about 2200 years old. This place is still being excavated for more interesting finds.

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