Tian Tan Buddha China

Tian tan Buddha is the biggest statue of Buddha made out of Bronze. This statue is situated on Lantau Island in Hong Kong’s Ngong Ping. The statue is 34 meter tall. It is made by joining 202 parts of bronze and weighs more than 250 tons. It took ten years to complete the statue which was completed in the year 1993 and on inviting the donations for the cost of this statue then around 7 crore dollars was collected.

Tian Tan statue of Buddha is situated on 2,330 feet High Island on the throne of lotus. This is the only statue of Buddha which is north facing and the rest of all largest statues are south facing.

Because of its weight and heaviness the structure of the statue from inside is based on a solid steel platform and for reaching on the top of the platform 268 stairs have been made. Tian Tan Buddha is also known as ‘Po- Lin – Buddha because this Buddha statue is also a part of Po – Lin temple. It is said Tian Toe because it is a copy of in Beijing’s temple of Heaven’s Tian Tan. Tian and Buddha’s left hand is on their Knees which reveals happiness and others. It is said that this statue is on Maccau Island. Lord Buddha’s Statue is a symbol of humanity, nature and religion’

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