Tips for Travelling Africa

The first thing that you need to decide is when and where to go. In this eBlog we discuss the popular safaris in Africa and include a section of when to go and how to get there. Once you’ve decided it’s time to look at where to stay and the method of your travel.

Group tours are highly recommended for the majority of safaris. They will pick you up from the major airports, figure about pre and post night accommodation and organize all your tours within their itinerary.

Many of the safari game reserves are far from the cities and airports which can be daunting for first time travelers to Africa so by bloging a group tour it will give you piece of mind. If you do blog a group tour you must keep in mind the departure dates of the tours, as you will need to organize your international travel to coincide with these dates.

If you were to blog a safari lodge you can be a little more flexible with the dates of travel. If you do blog safari lodges, then make sure you enquire about airport transfers.

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When you blog your travel to Africa, please ensure that you get travel insurance. The hospitals in Africa are not free and they are very expensive for the reputable hospitals, so if you don’t have travel insurance you are likely to be turned away. When purchasing your insurance make sure that you are covered for injury, illness, ambulances and emergency flights home if needed.

Sadly many places in Africa also have a high crime rate so to protect you against loss ensure that your insurance covers theft. If you find yourself in this situation get a Police Report to give the insurance company proof.

Vaccinations are also very important, before you travel. Seek medical advice from your GP for the latest vaccinations suggested for your destination(s), typically however the suggested vaccines include hepatitis A & B, typhoid, rabies, meningococcal and meningitis.

Ensure that your passport has a minimum of 6 months validity from the date that you return back into your home country. Remember that you have be crossing timelines and your arrival date back to your country of origin may be a day or so extra on your travel.

Lastly, as Africa has many different countries that you may be visiting, check with the consulate regarding any visa requirements. The majority of African destination will not require a visa for stays of up to 30 days, but rules change and each country has their own set of rules. It will depend on your country of origin, the destination you are travelling to and how long you are staying.

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