Top 5 Boating Destinations in the US

Are you looking forward to doing some summer travel? When you travel do you like to go boating or yachting? There are plenty of towns that you can travel to which may not be what most think of as regularly boating downs but you can find out here about those special destinations; we are going to cover the top 5 places in the United States to visit if you love to boat.

Marina del Rey, California

This boating destination is only 45 minutes outside of Los Angeles California and you can also reach Santa Monica easily. The Marina De Rey is the largest manmade harbor in the United States for small crafts. This area has a lot of high end amenities to offer and is known to lure in the celebrity set if you’re interested in boating and spotting who you might know from the Silver screen. If you want to boat and stay in a nice hotel the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey is right on the water and many who stay here will moor their own boats so you have a great deal of vessels to view if you just want to look. The docks here hold over 4.300 boats and it doesn’t have to be a million dollar vessel they accept all small vessels fancy and not. If you don’t have your own boat and just want to go out for the day you have renting choice at Marina Del Rey as well.

Newport, Rhode Island

This might be a small state but Newport is one of the best known seaside towns in all of New England. Newport harbor was once a port of call for the Americas cup and boaters from all around the world still come to see the facilities that it has to offer. You can book private charters on a sailing vessel or find a slower boat if you prefer. There is no ending to the amount of seaside activities that you can do in this town. Also don’t forget to partake of the delicious seafood while you’re there.

Key West, Florida

The Florida Keys is a bit of a boater’s paradise and Key West is by far the best known of the keys. This is the southernmost island in the keys and is known for having a beautiful sunset and excels in all things nautical. The lifestyle here is laid back and the boaters have a very casual be happy about being around kind of attitude while the dining is delicious and the sunsets are known for calling the boaters out on the water for a cruise. If you have your own vessel the Concho Harbor Marina can accommodate you up to 195 feet but if you don’t there is a several places that you can get a rental.

Lake Havasu, Arizona

You don’t immediately think of Arizona when you think of boating areas but Lake Havasu is growing into as hot area for boaters to come. There are hidden coves that can be found by boaters to enjoy on the reservoir. The beaches are fantastic and if you want to see the 1831 London Bridge this is where you will find it! It was sold, transported and reassembled here.

Seattle, Washington

This may be a city well known for being gray and rainy but Seattle is also known as a fantastic destination for boaters. There are hundreds of miles of salt water that surround the area, you will also find the Olympic and Cascade Mountains to look at while you boat. Many of those who live here even commute by water so you will have no shortage of boats to watch while you visit this beautiful area. Rentals and charters are a big business here as well so if you are itching to get out on the water don’t hesitate.

There are many places in the United States and worldwide to get your boating fix when you decide to go on vacation. Whether you prefer something that is sunny and more tropical or chilly where you might get a chance to see some Orca whales in the water all you have to do is look and you will find the right place.

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