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Prudential Tower, 52nd Floor, Boston; (617) 536-1775

Aah, that fabulous view from high atop the Back Bay. Relax in this cozy, dark lounge, mix in a little free jazz, and you have the makings for a very special evening. A jazz band plays Friday and Saturday nights; Sundays through Thursdays there is a piano player.

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The route is well signposted and there are Antonine Wall and John Muir Way marker discs throughout. Steep zigzags gain the initial height. There are picnic tables and a view down to the Craigmarloch basin – once buzzing with its tearoom and trippers! The railway will probably be heard if not seen – your last contact with this inter-city artery which passes south of Croy Hill in a deep, 1.5km cutting. An alternative line, the Kelvin Valley Railway, wound along by the hills to the north, linked with the Kilsyth and Bonnybridge line at Kilsyth. John Thomas’s Forgotten Railways has some interesting stories. Coal mining – on Croy Hill and Bar Hill, at Twechar, Shirva, St Flannan, Tintock, Cadder, all on or near the travel destination – has vanished with almost no trace. There’s still an active quarry along the south flank of Croy Hill. The path winds on, up towards a clump of trees which mark the site of a Roman fort, (or you can follow the deep V of the ditch). Just before the sycamore clump there is no ditch, the rock being too hard even for the Roman soldiers to work.

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