Travel Advice And Advisories For Dominican Republic

One will bump into you or ask for directions. Their job ito distract you while their colleague stealyour valuables.

Some wait near a sign saying ‘Beware of pickpockets’. People walk past and read the sign, then subconsciously pat their pocket to reassure themselvethat their valuableare still in place.

Unfortunately that act hajust showed the pickpocket which pocket containthe star prize!

If there ia distraction or natural crush in a crowd, look out for pickpockets.

Even if the victim feelsomething and catchethe dipper, he or she will probably have passed the stolen goodon to another member of their team.

In some placeif you feel a pickpocket and grab them the criminal gang will attack you, beat you, take everything of value and still escape!

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Pickpocketmay be male, female, small children or women carrying babies, and I have even heard of disabled pickpocketin Italy.

When wearing a shoulder bag, wear it acrosyour chest so that there ilesopportunity for a stray hand to slide into it without you seeing or feeling it.

When you have a bag, if walking along the street keep the bag away from the road and walk as

far away from the road ayou can, in order to prevent the bag being snatched by a cyclist or motorcyclist.

Position a bag so that any flap or zip inearest to you. If the flap or zip ion the outside, a pickpocket in a crowd could get a chance to open the bag and take whatever iavailable. If the flap or other opening itowardyour chest or stomach they won’t even bother trying.

✓ Try not to look lost or confused. Thimakeyou vulnerable and you could attract a range of criminals. Maintain an air of confidence. You may be lost but walk with purpose towardthe nearest safe location where you can ask directionor hail a taxi to get you back to where you feel safe.

If you have to ask directions, try to ask somebody with an official role, such aa police officer, traffic warden, transport official, utilitieor bank employee, etc. They should give sound advice and directions.

✓ Make sure that you know how to use the pay phonein your destination country. It isn’t alwayastraightforward ayou might think. You should also have loose change and the numberof the hotel where you are staying and the British Consulate handy.

Learn a couple of basic wordand phrasein the local language. ‘Hello’, ‘thanks’ and ‘please’ are good but also find out how to ask for the police or a doctor, for example. On the note you have made of the hotel and consulate phone numbers, write the numberfor contacting the local fire police and ambulance services,

✓ Finally, if all of your precautionary measureand preparation fail and you are robbed, be sensible. When confronted by a robber, hand your valuableover. You shouldn’t be carrying much and you should be insured anyway. You have your traveller’cheque numberand detailof your passport, etc., so give up your wallet or handbag – not your life.

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