TRAVEL PACKING GUIDE For Vacations or Holidays

Hi guys. And welcome to my travel packing guide yay specifically for vacations holidays. And a duration of travel that’s between one to two weeks.

And the weather is going to be specifically hot or tropical. And hot, it’s basically the next two days. I’m going to be heading down to Thailand with Contiki holidays and I will be doing a week long trip around Thailand. And Thai islands. And then right after.

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I will be heading to Australia. I will leave all the information down below. So, you can check out more information about this trip, but um yeah anyways let’s get to packing.

And packing guides now. I will warn, you this will be kind of a lengthy post just because. I want to give, you guys as much information as possible to better help, you guys in your packing situations.

And packing for your various trips that, you take let’s get started. So if you look behind me, you will see. I have everything that.

I will be taking with me on my trip all nicely laid out for, you guys um. I will be taking Surrey bags along with me just off. I have my camera bag now, this is a bag that.

I’ve used for a very very long period of time. So, you can delts kind of getting a little bit worn out, but, it’s Jo’s totes, it’s a DSLR purse and So basically this camera that, you see right here is going to go in this bag, this is my backpack.

I’m going to be taking with me it is a lot larger than the backpack so I usually take. I usually.

I like a really nice small off every one, but because my laptop is um while. I’m not taking my 11 inch Mac err. I’m taking my 15 inch.

I needed a bigger bag to put the laptop in so I can be editing on the road. And giving, you guys all the amazing posts got this bag.

So, this is my ah, this is my luggage case that. I’m taking it, it’s my sweet suit. I know measures before about.

I absolutely love it hard luggage container. And it is a 70 liter. So normally on like a one to three month long trip.

I will take a hundred liter bag because um well one two three months is a longer period time. I like to have more room because generally I’ll be doing more climates in that period of time and I will be buying more souvenirs so.

I like to have a little bit of space my items along with this camera that you’re. I’m currently holding our stuff that’s gonna be in my little where is it my little blue purse. And these are, it’s going to be going in this purse right here.

So first off we have a pencil to write stuff my new kid no unlike my breath we’ve got my little mini first-aid kit which only has a few things, it’s basically just got like my dairy pills. So monstrous intolerance um some Tylenol apples band-aids some small things perfume because. I don’t like to smell a little bit of sunscreen emergency sunscreen, it’s always good.

And some powder because my face gets really oily. And then this a my my water bottle my petite water bottle. So I’ll be taking those with me the big pile of electronics.

And stuff. So starting from here all this to here is going to go in my pink bag. So that’s my backpack.

And that’s what. I’m gonna be carrying with me on my back basically all my very expensive stuff is going to go in there charge. So, this is all my GoPro so.

I have a GoPro amount GoPro backing a head mount that tripod mount in there now. I’ve got my a chargers for my two point clicks. So, this is my lumix camera that.

I use. I’ve talked about these before waterproof. And my canon point shoot a power shot that’s my like evening camera.

And then my GoPro that’s the Hero 3 silver plus all their cards. And stuff um, this is like a waterproof case USB these are, this is a lens cleaner. And clock, this is a travel like lens cleaner for my big DSR this one right here cases these are so now these are very very important these are my Universal travel adapter. So basically, you could do let me show, you these inside oh that’s North American, you do this one is. I believe is that, you can oh yeah that’s the UK it can do Europe it can do South America ah where is it okay there we go uh what’s that one Europe oh yeah Austria.

And then okay let me show, you Australian New Zealand twist it like that Oh Australia New Zealand. So very very handy Universal travel adapter this pack of um whatchamacallit SD cards these are all my SD cards that. I’m taking with me aside from the one that’s currently in this camera here which is also a 32.

And these will be going in these cute cameras there plus. I already have a card at the 32 as well in my GoPro now. I’m only bringing one pair of sunglasses because um, it’s Southeast Asia and I’ve been there before. And there are so many different types of cheap sunglasses.

So. I’m most likely gonna buy a pair because. I always like to have two pairs of sunglasses with me when.

I travel ah, this is my um Richmond college walk, this is a lock. So, it’s a wire well if. I, this is gonna be an absolute disaster if.

I pull this out it will it’ll be bad, but, it’s a lock that. I can string through my like big suitcase. And secure it so.

I can leave it places unattended. And be assured that people aren’t going to steal my stuff terabyte, it’s a Seagate external hard drive. So all my footage will go on there these are some cords more chargers more cords mouse for editing my hair straightener um yes.

I do bring a full-length hair straightener because. I’m a very vain person. And little small ones don’t work.

And, it’s done enough for me, it’s a pretty important thing to bring so I bring it bone the well yeah, this is my little notebook. I like to have a little notebook with me because helps me like write down thoughts.

And stuff. So you’ve got my passport pens, it’s got all my flight details. And my itinerary.

And, it’s got um spare copies of my passport that’s down here. And Air Canada things because yep. I just like to carry stuff anyway all my important documents are in my folder right yeah well if my cards.

And stuff go into this little tiny little pouch with my money. And that will go in my blue bag as well. So that should actually be over here pot whether.

I have my footie and I’ve got like a little like jumper cardigan sort of deal nothing too much, it’s gonna be hot don’t really need anything that big or heavy just something because um so much in Southeast Asia, but in Australia if you get really chilly at night time.

And the temperature can drop quite rapidly. So, it’s always good to kind of have a nice sweater and I love traveling in nice hoodies.

So that’s gonna be part of my everyday wear oh yes. I forgot to mention that. So stuff that.

I’m wearing like traveling to the airport. And stuff or all this pile, this is everything. I bring with me okay.

So these are all my sleeve t-shirts that. I’m bringing so. I’ve got one two three four five six seven eight um it is quite a lot, but these are also sleeping shirts.

And working out shirts. And they’re really small. So, it’s not that big of a deal um.

And these are kind of like my to going out blouses Plus, this is kind of like a vanity item, but a lot of shirts huh just because a Southeast Asia is really hot. And you’re going to be well. I would be really really sweaty.

And so I will most likely go through two shirts a day just changing them out because I’ll get really really hot on them. So these are my four shoes.

And a brain so I got flip-flops which. I would pretty much live in for the next month my running shoes for my optimistic workouts.

And for hiking sort of any kind of like excursion we’ve got a nice pair of wedges. I love these wedges they’re my absolute favorite Steve Maddens just a comfortable versatile heeled shoe that. I can dress up if we’re going out.

And then these kind of leg riff-raff sand shoes that’ll wear if. I want to wear something that’s not flip-flops not running shoes not heels. So there, you go.

I’ve got one belt. I’ve got my crazy crazy first-aid kit there is a lot in here. So we’ve got a whole lotta bandages um.

I’ve got big damages waterproof bandages gauze is um turgid erm trigger down, it’s a weird name, but these are actually like super crazy stick on bandages learnt about all the different types of big bandages when I burnt my leg when I was in Vietnam.

And it didn’t have all these things with me. So since then. I make sure that my first-aid kit is quite extensively pack we’ve got lots.

And lots of pillow what drum um these are lots of cold meds um probiotics which are always good so I find that that helps that’s me not like digesting advil. I got some electrolyte tablet, this is some rubbing alcohol to clean things.

So yeah. I have a microfiber towel. So, this is like a quick drying towel, this is my little bag of accessories, this is my makeup bag that.

I have which has two compartments very very important ladies brushes that. I take with me rush component all of my makeup. I take with me my one flush bronzer um.

I shot up Alex Foundation lots of different waterproof. And non waterproof mascara eyebrow stuff. And a little bit of lipstick Leavitt a cover-up basically just your basics nothing too fancy it opens up like this this, this is my toiletry bag um and, you can like hang it here it has a hook up here.

So, you can hang it on things. And basically what. I try to do is trick down everything to the side as possible.

So we got like a little deodorant there a little toothbrush eyedrops those are some more dairy pills. And q-tips in here. I’ve got um little shrimp conditioners little shampoo even though hotels don’t really have those.

I’ve got a little mini face on screen. I’ve got, this is something that. I do kind of have a big one of.

And that’s my bigger sunscreen because. I’m gonna be using that a lot same thing with my face wash. So because.

I wash my face like two times a day yeah. I like to care little face towel with me always even though if I’ll be staying at hotels they’ll generally provide one, but, it’s good to have brush makeup remover bug wash hair products hair products hair products. I kind of have a lot of hair products lots of acne stuff because my face breaks out a lot when.

I’m in hot weather. So perfumes because again. I don’t like to be stinky when.

I travel. And then to taste um. I have a full container I’ll take it if there’s only a little bit left because that means I’ll just run through it.

And then. I can throw it away we’ve got one q3 four pairs of shorts sleeping short children these kind of green ones. I’ve got this.

I don’t know, this is what fashion bean bath that. I really enjoy bringing that one pair of jean long pants that’s the only long pants aside from one pair of really funky leggings then. I’m bringing then.

I’ve got my workout shorts again being optimistic and I’ve got like a little black skirt that. I can kind of dress up.

And dress down with those two tops right fortnight’s out pants which are crazy temple pants which, you guys will see more up in my post to roll those back up, you have to have those when, you are in the temples in Thailand because they, you have to cover up no shorts bikini bathing suit. I only have one right now, but to bottom, but. I’m going to only cuz that’s only.

I have even though. I don’t like to bring two but I almost like the purchase one why.

I’m in Thailand. And then my scarf trusty scarf yay plus oh that’s my laptop I’ll be bringing and, this is all my undergarments. And socks underwear which, you don’t need to see.

And then these are these amazing stuff sacks amazing still snacks which. I will show, you how all this oh it is that packing time yeah. I’m gonna show, you how all this fits into my bags.

So we have lots. And lots extra room here that we can place all the different souvenirs. and I’m going to buy and I can close that up. And voila there we go so.

I have my backpack let’s go of my electronics. And valuables in. I’ve got my big bag here with what extra room so.

I could put all my souvenirs in the exact order that. I showed, you to put in this big bag can vary, it’s not a big deal. I just kind of suit it however if your stuff that’s new bag having make it work these are the clothing that.

I’m going to be wearing to the airport. I left out um. I will have to go back in here, you get a shirt.

And some underwear. And socks because. I can’t forgot that, but that will have happen.

And then we have my camera bag that will have, you mr. cammeron mr. microphone in it.

And one last thing that. I almost forgot is my rain jacket um that’s not to be good, but yeah um. And the rain jacket will into my day bag because, you never know what, it’s good ring so.

I keep it in there. And easily accessible thanks so much for reading and I hope, you enjoyed the post. And that, you learned something. And it will help, you in your travel packing endeavors alright.

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