South Africa Subway Map

You continue along the lakeside path, keeping the waters to South Africa Subway Map your right, and at length arrive at the top end of the lake. There is a South Africa Subway Map stile and signed path straight ahead, but ignore this first stile and swing right with the main path. Rather than swing right again to follow the lakeside path back towards Mill Road, climb a small embankment to reach a wide track just beside a gate and stile.

Turn left, going over the stile, and follow the track, climbing slightly to reach a crossroads of tracks. You are now in Arundel Park, an area of parkland of 1,000 acres; formerly a deer park, it is now used for sheep grazing, forestry and shooting. Bus travellers from Chichester, be warned: if you see a bus advertised to go to Arundel Park, make sure that it is Arundel where the bus is going, and not the Arundel Park in Chichester, which is a sprawling modern housing estate of considerably less aesthetic value.

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