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So you know you’re not a bold person yeah maybe hear more guys. So the other day I was asked you live in the live stream you guys saw that clear lines, and shops, and bought a bunch of new makeup for the wedding, and I asked you guys if you wanted to see where I bought, and I also thought today is the day that clue, and I are practicing on makeup. Because Cleo, and I actually doing our own makeup for the wedding. So today we’re going to sit down, and practice doing our makeup, and you guys can watch if you are interested in that I am going to load a bronzy look. So the wedding, and Claire wants to go for like a dusty pink bronzy look. Because her doesn’t think yes, I’m Queen Sequeira she’s renting a water, and then we are practicing our makeup, and Clary did study Beauty.

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So that’s another reason why I think I can do it. Because I do have a trained professional with me while about singing La Vina hi guys I hope you guys I’ve ever seen lots of useful posts. Because I figured and, I’m a tiny pinhead sorry, I’m not a trained professional. So maybe I don’t listen to anything I say. But it’s clear I have any tips for you you can share them why aren’t you on the live servers I wanted to see it, and they said yes the foot, and also. Because I bought so much stuff from Mecca Clara’s excitement try it out as well I’ve ordered Hama stop they are selling you’re going for a dusty pink book yeah life is still bronzy. But I just have like pink oh my eyes, and like in cash themself yeah it was really funny right now is these are my brushes right, and then it shows of yours yeah just notice of what oh my gosh alright let’s get started I always bring my little yummy ramen soup now let’s do it show me the new do it every time you have to do it it looks like you got a pretty sight.

So I’ve never used a primer before. But Claire, and the girl at the makeup places like you need a try primer. But, I’m scared to buy one. So instead I’ve been trying it out, and I think. So you’re gonna use it now no no no this is so cheap mark oh yeah, I’m gonna keep my Silhouette no no no I’ve got one. So should even up some samples there’s one forty dollars this is both true face it’s a it’s called hangover primer.

But she also gave us an $80 one to try and, I’m going to save this for the wedding there use a certain day yeah it makes me real good it’s a Bobby Brown safe space, I’m going to keep this all this cheap, I’m I’m not by an $80 one. But, I’m actually thinking of buying 40 go yeah. But you want to try it out before you spend that much money Pierre exactly, I’m going to save this to the wedding. So what is that. So today, I’m going to be using the two-piece hangover primer, and I’ve been trying out Primus, and they actually work good I believed in them before I – oh yeah it just makes everything even, I’m nervous this is like our one practice run before the wedding whereas I meant to put over the whole face yeah okay oh yeah it’s good hey by the way I told Stephen all posting this, and he was like, I’m not editing that oh yes in assembly um I promised in our foundation I usually go online later oli go um green can see like as I get lots of like scarring for my pimples over my new red eyes. So I put this on my I need like an arrow, and you know, I’m thinking of doing is putting an illuminator all in my face. Because I want to be like really lawyer, and I forward I want a ruler Charlie okay we must preserve ie Moran you’ve ever been there, I’ll get enlightenment illuminizer.

So this is one of the products that I bought one of my first ever high end product now, I’m going to put that all of my face sir if I do want to have like a really bronze like glowy look yet oh my gosh you’re looking now also you will notice my whole face is going to be creamed like I don’t really use any powders. Because I have a very dry skin mmm they’ll think I will quit all over surfaces like a face yeah how shiny, and shavers what I like. Because, I’m not very mostly on like you know you can put it all over nature and. But, I’ll test it out, and see. Because I really want to have like a very bronze look Wow my face is looking shiny oh I think that actually is quite a cool base I will look really shiny guys, I’m tone down Wow it will probably train down friends, and sorry oh here’s a tribe okay. So my master that oh I brought these glasses on eBay for like $2, and I wearing this. So cool I thought pink ones, and clear ones coming in you have to bring them with yeah we should have my new shoes oh yeah I guess they should bring up them hey.

So you can you bring me some napkins say C then C back hey can we touch anything bring in some napkins Wow looks like we like that yeah now I bought my first ever high-end foundation, I’m excited I got are you going to try it totally feel confident lighter I got the NARS sheer glow foundation in the color Barcelona medium for do you want to try it yeah I want to. But it’s like really thin it is really thin you like any more I like more what is it more powder coverage yes oh she’s been using the max what’s the one to certainly know if they wanted multiple coverage. Because it’s as good hey the masks much you do fear what color do some MC 35 i think is pretty young doctors. Because i only wear it my house town yeah I will both be putting a town yeah for the wedding instead, I’m definitely moving back down to dark I’ve been using the ultra dark on my ass, and it is why I are the drivers can up to you I feel like I don’t like to get it safe right now I feel like it just makes it way to die loving town on my successor again I like to put it on with my fingers I don’t know why what’s the hell Amaro’s I feel like you have so much like bacteria on your fingers time to be involved on my fingers yeah more better my fingers in on a Beauty Blender I a true. But you have Washington cotton 2% yeah good it was like an amateur this apart no, I’m not far oh love it it’s really not do you like it yeah hello with the yeah definitely my color um Co what’s next coffee well my post of them took a pale oh yeah. So I have my mom is really like. So I got my knives, and I did buy a new one yeah what are you gonna do oh yeah it’s some bad minerals oh he loves them bare minerals bare skin complete coverage serum concealer.

But it’s a very light one again yes it’s quite runny as well I actually don’t use my finger sister good I can’t remember the day when they run who’s not concealed we just put foundation all over and, I’m not going to our comely we used to do that I mean it’s funny when we used to do our eyebrows oh yeah my eyebrows are like little bad women it’s what that was like a solo everyone really thin eyebrows, I’m gosh oh yeah please yeah these are provided you know now this is so runny that yes it will ask me to use affiliate, I’m you can really build up when I remember get bang you can build it up yeah. But subarashii. So to use a bus stop a brush here you been using I’ve lost some blush nothing good runner kappa one I probably need to buy mine I thought the NARS Laguna liquid bronzer, and like crazy i diluted it’s like water sorry, I’ll show you look my god I know. So what I’ve been doing that’s fun, I’m just gonna putting it all on my hand, and then using that, I’m building up like yeah. But a little chemical it is it’s super funny like so much fun right you’re likely gonna buy it oh my gosh, I’m live using hand right now. Because I just like to blend it into my show you share so pretty this is like what makes you look extra bronzing.

So this is my liquid blush I’ve been using this Stila in the color rose water. So how I’ve been doing it then good I put all my fingers back through blending in with a stipple brush you should um turn around like dat all. But I wash my hands before I do my makeup armpit. So I put a little bit on my cheek, and then I do use a stiffer brush if you guys want to know the powder that, I’m going to use is it nacio or me to your animation nice you make sure loose powder is just a translucent powder, and that’s what now, I’m going to hold my breath you’re out yeah aha my eyebrow. So refresh my answers, I’m going to go get mine like threaded, and tinted just before I leave. But yeah not that that. So I still mine in with um for Too Faced natural palette just one of the colors of course sex presto, and then a new listing what do you.

But yes alabanza now I may be a thundergirl no I love it oh this palette yes my favorite yeah, I’m using that anastasia dipbrow made recording yes. So right out of memory I think I’ve been Steven was literally like how long have you been posting oh yeah are we get one eyebrow yeah we’re doing eyebrows doing over out well I look. So different ah you’re so good doing it I like suck you look like a work of art that takes half an hour after the panel by the way I use clean what I broke you these Clea shirts me and, I’m obsessed with it it’s the Knicks mascara for your brows it’s like a brown mascara, and I just like adds like that what do you think like if it’s 3d yeah like it makes your brows that look like they’ve just been drawn off yeah like it looks like, and I have a lot of blonde eyebrows mm-hmm Hollywood like make them brown it’s really really good like my favorite something like my favorite makeup thing yeah me too okay, I’m scared of the next step. Because the ILA under other eye. So I shadow around nervous to that. But that’s like I haven’t practiced it at all all I know is, I’m going to go for golds, and browns yeah, I’m thinking like maybe a matte brown in the crease, and then like a shimmery gold in the list yeah are you going for you go for more warm colors, I’m going for more cool yes. So did you conceal your eyes to make it alright yeah I think I already did it up powder on their truth like hey I can get increased creases here I think yeah of age child I think it is no it’s not these you never had it before like I get like a creep here now in my eye shadow jerk miss old age are you can every bit think, I’ll go no way this is he I think, I’m going to be doing my whole eye shadow look using Cleo’s is clearance to take chocolate bar you go for cactus okay I will.

Because this one has a lots of brown, and gold, and stuff like my e-penis colors my favorite oh my god it smells. So good. So whoa, I’m sticking with like these colors here, I’m a max crease that’s brown this brush is amazing anyways in your life why are you laughing at my rock, I’m also going to use the Naked 2 palette by urban decay then more like shimmery yeah we are very EEMA like I really like them so much, I’m thinking of it’s fun for my other look we’re T’s T’s so really what do you all like it’s like a really very local no Smurf Smurf hot are you what’s that one I put one lash on took forever looks really really nice okay I’ve got the second one on I think Claire sticker struggling you’ve almost got that nothing good. So these are the two this one you can like I didn’t put on the best buy definitely think, I’m going to be wearing this lash that’s good that I was able to try them out you might don’t like produce I just like them on like those those are the lashes look funny. Because a lot like two different sets on. But this is acetone you’ve got something set on hey mmm-hmm hi last thing if you’ve probably a blush in your house the fun part the first thing soaked in bronzer I would have really bronze up my face give me sign by McAdoo really nice okay glory one year we’ve decided that on the day we’re going to do our eye shadow. So us.

Because we have a lot of solar on Tonasket, and then we’re going to do our skins just like we do the practice round yeah cuz we don’t usually wear eyeshadow. So we’re not used to especially sparkly I do a blush, I’m trying to Mack what is it pink answer wound powder blush, and though it’s really pretty your mind is like waiting ash blush yeah. So for the highlight oh oh it’s done. So excited the glory get by, and yeah I don’t know how to say it, I’m sorry little bit early color. So, I’m going to be using the golden bronze as a highlight more Fiza fancy um it’s like it’s good brushes. But they affordable okay let’s see definitely oh yeah yes well, I’m not nervous now that you’re my makeup yeah. But I feel like now that we’ve practiced it like a most good you were doing the same as me yes I never suit like a lip colors every time I try different colors they never work that’s a cloth yeah yeah.

So, I’m thinking of just putting a gloss on my lips we’re all Kylie Kylie gloss is their color it is in literally literally oh yeah this is good I really like that that’s so nice yay done wow I like so much makeup, and it’s gonna shrink up like that it’s like really nice lip Jenner, and then for our hair two guys interested, I’m thinking of wearing it like send the pot down waist we’re doing that ourselves as well. Because it’s quite easy to sway pan, and then, I’m wearing a big flower crown you hardly see the hair anyway yes it’s gonna be going away, and then you’re thinking of doing it sweeps up beautifully as a pony or have it down lightly with yes a little you got like a little arm flower crown, and then I’ve got like a bigger flower crown. So it’s like, I’m matching parted yeah well see if you don’t come see my makeup too don’t worry that I have like two different eyes on that looks really nice yo what’s good yeah especially once your hair is done yeah everything looks is Unicom say hi come come give it up oh, I’m Cheryl yeah hi is he reading his eatery. So I really going to enjoy this type of post another reason why this as well is that in the future I love to work back on this post isn’t Leon’s like yeah imagine like about old like 60 reading his back being like well good Jesse she’s over the increase okay hurry when we’re looking back at like on Europe ones, and just look. So young shabih peers I wasn’t even that Yellin no like 20 over people whoa was it two years ago yet choosing Rome in a lot of years to meet you ah oh thanks to our clear oh it’s that we quite a wet match – yeah there’s a little yeah every mother took really nice are we gonna let this light look good in the photos together yes it’s so funny. So you know I’ve just ordered my tie for the wedding bouquet, and it is email reads the funniest email some ever said till I say your orders concerns okay. So like high-speed, and hairy, and picked up your order by gently picking it from the shelves of Japanese chopsticks, and placing it on silk pillow them we did happily marching order down to the post office with your pass away with a single tear goodbye your where order is now being sent oh I wish to live long can I stay we’re going to end this a little bit long I think you should alright I think this is going to be just a lot for today I know it’s a little bit different.

But, I’m i hope this i know there’s a lot of girls that have been asking how clearly I do, I’m a failure this isn’t an everyday makeup look. But if you guys do have like a special event, I’ll totally recommend the parts that we were trying I think they are so good especially that illuminizer putting it underneath your foundation really works sometimes it’s actually worse um which I got on my wall we didn’t set our face ah all right guys um this post is er, I’ll link everything down below that we use if you’re interested, and we’ll see you guys on Friday remember is especially having on Friday you know yeah. So stay tuned for Friday’s post little Tommy.

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