Travel to Florence

Travel to Florence


Lodgings in Florence generally don’t come cheap. Consorzio ITA, in the train station by track #16, can find rooms for a ‚2.50-7.75 fee. (055 28 28 93. Open daily 8:45am-8pm.) Because of the constant stream of tourists in Florence, it is best to make reservations (prenotazioni) in advance, especially if you plan to visit during Easter or summer. If you have any complaints, first talk to the proprietor and then to the Ufflcio Controllo Alberghi, V. Cavour 37 (055 276 01). The municipal government strictly regulates hotel prices; proprietors can charge neither more nor less than the approved range for their category. Rates uniformly increase around 10% every year; the new rates take effect in March or April.


Ostello Archi Rossi, V. Faenza 94r (055 29 08 04; fax 055 230 26 01). Exit left from the station on V. Nazionale and take the 2nd left on V. Faenza. Patio packed with young travelers. Breakfast ‚1.60. Laundry ‚5.20. Free Internet access. Lockout 11:30am-2pm. Curfew lam. No reservations; in summer, arrive before 8am. Dorms ‚18-21.

El Istituto Gould, V. dei Serragli 49 (055 21 25 76), in the Oltrarno. Take bus #36 or 37 from the train station to the 2nd stop across the river. Spotless rooms. Reception M-F 9am-lpm and 3-7pm, Sa 9am-lpm, Su check-out only. Singles ‚30, with bath ‚35; doubles ‚4450; triples ‚5663; quads ‚7280. MCV.

Penslonato Pio X, V. dei Serragli 106 (fax 055 22 50 44). Follow directions to Isti-tuto Gould, and walk a few blocks farther; it’s on the right. Don’t be fazed by the construction in the courtyard. Rooms are nothing fancy, but are very clean and larger than average. Check-out 9am. Curfew midnight. Dorms ‚16. O

Ostello Santa Monaca, V.S. Monaca 6 (055 26 83 38; Follow the directions to the Istituto Gould, but go right off V. dei Serragli onto V.S. Monaca. Laundry ‚6.50 per 5kg. Internet access ‚4 per hr. June-Sept. arrive before 9am for a room. 7-night max. stay. Curfew lam. Reservations must be made 3 days in advance. Dorms ‚16. AmExMCV.

Ostello della Gioventu Europa Villa Camerata (HI), V. Augusto Righi 2-4 (055 60 14 51; fax 055 61 03 00), northeast of town. Take bus #17 from outside train station (near track #5), or from P. dell’Unita across from the station; get off at the Salviatino stop; ask the bus driver when to get off. Walk 8-10min. from the street entrance past a vineyard. Tidy and popular, in a beautiful (if inconveniently located) villa. Laundry ‚5.20. 3-night max. stay. Check-out 7-10am. Lockout 10am-2pm. Strict midnight curfew. Make reservations in writing. Dorms ‚15. Nonmembers add ‚2.60.


Hotel II Perseo, V. de Cerretani 1 (055 21 25 04;, en route to the duomo from the station, opposite the Feltrinelli bookstore. Immaculate rooms with fans. Bar and TV lounge. Breakfast included. Internet ‚1.50 per 15min. Singles ‚50; doubles ‚73, with bath ‚93; triples ‚97120; quads ‚118140. MCV.

Relais Cavalcanti, V. Pellicceria 2 (055 21 09 62; Supreme location just steps from P. della Repubblica, near the central post office. Beautiful gold-trimmed rooms with antique painted wardrobes and large, immaculate baths. Ask for the Let’s Go discount. Singles ‚80; doubles ‚110-120; triples ‚155. Albergo Por S. Maria, V. Calimaruzza 3 (055 21 63 70). Centrally located between the Uffizi and P. della Repubblica. Pleasant, airy rooms. Bubbly, matronly proprietor strikes up conversations in Italian. Singles ‚55; doubles ‚85, with bath ‚95. Locanda Orchidea, Borgo degli Albizi 11 (fax 055 248 03 46). Take a left off V. Pro-consolo from the duomo. Dante’s wife was born in this 12th-century palazzo, built around a still-intact tower. Friendly and helpful English-speaking management. Graceful rooms with marble floors, some of which open onto a garden. Singles ‚55; doubles ‚75; triples with shower ‚100; quads with shower ‚120.

Hotel Bellettini, V. de Conti 7 (055 21 35 61; www.firenze.nethotelbellettini). Located on a side street a stone’s throw from the Medici Chapels and the duomo, Bellettini allows you to see it all without having to hear it. Nicely furnished rooms have soft beds, bathroom, AC, phone, and TV. Free Internet and breakfast included. Singles ‚75, with bath ‚95; doubles ‚100130; triples with bath ‚160. AmExMCV.


12 Hotel Elite, V. della Scala 12 ( 055 21 53 95). Exit right from the train station onto V. degli orti Oricellari and turn left on V. della Scala. Brass glows in this hotel’s lovely rooms. Breakfast ‚6. Singles ‚60-75; doubles ‚90; triples ‚110; quads ‚120.

K Hotel Abaco, V. dei Banchi 1 (fax 055 238 19 19). From train station, cross to the back of S. Maria Novella church. Walk past church into P.S. Maria Novella and go left onto V. dei Banchi. Seven beautiful rooms, each named after a Renaissance great, feature reproductions of the honored artist’s most famous work on the walls. Breakfast included. AC ‚5 extra. Laundry ‚7. Free Internet access. Ask for the Let’s Go discount. Singles ‚63; doubles ‚70, with bath ‚85. MCV.

Hotel Giappone, V. dei Banchi, 1 (055 21 00 90; fax 29 28 77; Follow directions to Hotel Abaco. 10 clean rooms in a central location. All rooms with phone, TV, AC and Internet jacks. Singles ‚45, with shower ‚47, with bath ‚55; doubles ‚657285. Extra bed ‚26. MCV. O

Hotel Visconti, P. Ottaviani 1 (fax 055 21 38 77). Exit the train station from the left and cross behind the church into P.S. Maria Novella, and walk to the left until you reach tiny P. Ottaviani. Look for huge Grecian nudes. Breakfast included. Singles ‚40; doubles ‚60; triples ‚80; quads ‚90. O

Hotel Montreal, V. della Scala 43 ( 055 238 23 31; Exit train station to right onto V.d. Orti Oricellari, which leads to V. della Scala; take a left. 22 tasteful, wood-furnished rooms, all with phone, TV, AC. Flexible curfew 1:30am. Singles ‚40, with bath ‚55; doubles ‚6575; triples ‚85105; quads ‚120.

Albergo Margaret, V. della Scala 25 (fax 055 21 01 38). Follow directions to Hotel Montreal. 7 rooms with eclectic decorations. All rooms with TV and AC. Curfew midnight. June-Aug. Singles ‚60; doubles with shower ‚70, with bath ‚90. Prices reduced-Sept.-May and for longer stays.

Tourist House, V. della Scala 1 (055 26 86 75). Extremely friendly proprietors also run Hotel Giappone. Comfortable rooms with bath and TV, some with AC. Singles ‚67; doubles ‚83; quads ‚124. AmExMCV.

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