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Pardon? Are you talking to me? … Well, hel- lo to you too sailor! With such a friendly, flirty greeting, who could resist popping into Hello Gorgeous to see what’s going on? And let me tell you, there’s much more to this vintage boutique crammed with pre-loved clothing, shoes and accessories than just a sassy salutation. One look at the beautiful, carefully selected items with a focus on mid-20th-century style will get you daydreaming about Mad Men. The wide range of clothing styles can cater to whatever look you’re going for – be that a demure Peggy Olson or a va-va-voom Joanie Harris – and there’s enough to fit most figures and fancies. Sure, it’s mostly for the ladies, but the decent menswear section will likely grow as more Don Draper wannabes hit the streets looking for slick threads for work and play. Lovers of fur will swoon over some of the stoles for sale – they’re amazingly decadent and as soft as, well, fur. The store design and layout is totally gorgeous, too, including some retro posters in the change room that’ll have you giggling like a ’60s schoolgirl (or boy). You can even help yourself to the lolly machine for some extra sweetness and sugar-fuelled shopping. Whether you’re after a hat, party frock, classic coat or some heels, you’re guaranteed to step out in style – looking more gorgeous than ever – after a shopping trip down this memory lane. Look out Betty and Don! Here we come!

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