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Peace Corps Paraguay

Paraguay is home to one of the largest and longest running Peace Corps programs worldwide. Peace Corps volunteers live and work in communities for 27 months. Tel: 1 800 424 8580 (United States), Chaco Boreal 162 almost at Mariscal Lopez, Amigos de las Americas

Service based summer programs for high school and college aged youth. Volunteers live with host families in rural communities. Tel: 1 800 231-7796 (United States),, on Facebook American Field Services

A global cultural exchange program for 18 to 28-year-olds. Participants attend school and stay with host families. Many Paraguayans also go abroad through the Paraguayan chapter of AFS. Tel:

212.807.8686, Kansas Paraguay Partners/Comite Paraguay-Kansas

Paraguay and the U.S. state of Kansas have been closely linked since they were declared sister states in 1968 though the Partners of the Americas program. Kansas natives volunteer in Paraguay and Paraguayans are able to study in Kansas state schools for reduced rates. Tel: 021 212540, corner of Avenida. Mariscal Lopez and Aca Caraya, Rotary International

Rotary club members visit Paraguay for a variety of programs, from short-term service projects to long-term cultural exchanges. Tel: 847-866-3000 (United States), 01789 765411 (England),

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