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Nordeide, at the entrance to the Hoyangerfjord, is connected by ferry with Kongsnes, also on the N side of the Sognefjord, and with Svortemyr, on the S side. It is a small vacation resort.

Hoyanger (pop. 2200; 0ren Hotell, 40 Eides Hotell, 38 b.), at the end of the Hoyangerfjord, has a power station and an aluminium plant. Good hill walking in the surrounding area; fishing.

Balestrand (pop. 700; Kviknes Hotel, 400 Midtnes Pensjonat, 70 Boyum Pensjonat, 26 Kringsja Hotell, 60 youth hostel), the principal tourist resort in the Sognefjord, is surrounded by high hills. See the little English church built in the last century. To the NW lies the little ‘ Esefjord.

To the N of Balestrad the Fjaerlandsfjord extends almost to the Jostedalsbre (147). There is a boat service from Balestrand along this fjord (26 km (16 miles) long) to FJaerland (Mundal Hotel, 78 Fjserland Pensjonat, 49 b.), a popular starting-point for walks and climbs in the glacier area.

There is a ferry from Balestrand to Hella, on the E side ofthe Fjaerlandsfjord.

Vik (Hopstock Hotell, 60 youth hostel; camp site), on the S side of the Sognefjord opposite Balestrand (ferry), has a power station and aluminium and woodworking plants. Nearby are Hopperstad stave church (1 2th c.) and a Romanesque stone church. From here it is possible to drive via Voss to Bergen.

Vangsnes (Vangsnes Pensjonat; youth hostel; camp site) lies on the S side of a promontory opposite Hella (ferry). It hasa statue of Fridtjov 12 m (40 ft) high, presented by Kaiser Wilhelm II (commemorating the story of two lovers of the Viking times, written in the 13th c. the Frithjof Saga is an Icelandic heroic tale of the 13th c.). Nearby are three fine burial mounds.

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