Tropical Southern China

Hong Kong weather station (alt. 33m/108ft) Tropical A 100km/70 mile strip of land along the southern coast of China and the monsoon climate whole island of Taiwan are subject to a tropical monsoon climate, as they are furthest away from the cold air currents of continental Asia and are near to the warm South China Sea. Temperatures and rainfall

From December to March, the average monthly temperature remains below 18°C/64°F, the normal limit for the Tropics. For Europeans such a climate at that time of year is quite tolerable, and much more acceptable than what is usually regarded as tropical weather. Certainly there is no risk of frost so close to the coast. A temperature of 0°C/32°F was once recorded in Hong Kong in January. In Canton temperatures have reached -0.3X/31,5°F in December.

The winter months are also the driest time of the year. In November and December, there are on average two or three days of rain per month. Some years there is no rainfall at all during those months.

From February, cloud cover increases (145 hours of sun in January, 98 in February and 95 in March). From April, rainfall values rise and the number of rainy days increases (292mm/1iy!in. in eight days). This is nothing other than the period of heavy rain and storms which marks the onset of the summer monsoons. In May, almost 400mm/16in. of rain falls on thirteen rainy days. This amount roughly equals half the annual rainfall for central Europe. The highest recorded precipitation is 521 mm/20’/!in. in 24 hours or 1240mm/49 in. in one month. In May 1992,110mm/4in. of rain fell in one hour, the highest recorded amount in a hundred years. In June, although the monthly rainfall is slightly less, there are on average eighteen days of rainfall, the highest figure for any month. July brings the highest rainfall (394mm/15’/2in.) but also a good deal of sun (210 hours). Daily temperature variations are slight (see the diagram). Maximum temperatures reach 30°C/86°F with relatively high humidity.

While autumn temperatures start to fall slowly, rainfall values drop rapidly. In October, the hours of sunshine total reaches its peak (217 hours) and there are on average only eight rainy days.

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