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Oh yuk young-soo dokuro Sendas haha tofu Kaori Johannes a methodical optimist Peggy Sue gisado Papa Gator, and Kumaon young Tyrone Tasha PEC jumps underclassmen Hey everybody, and welcome back to Japan were in the Miyagi region at the moment yes. So today we have decided to come out, and do the slopes in Japan. Because being Australian it’s a huge bucket list like everyone chats about coming to Japan get some snow gear. But for every Australian it’s such a huge dream to come to Japan, and go skiing or snowboarding. So I feel very very happy that we are doing this right now coming out here doesn’t mean we can ski or snowboard by the way we’ve done like the retimed try we’re gonna try it’s a cute little snow lodge awesome if you guys are interested in coming down here this is where we are about an hour hour, and a half outside of Sendai which is the city was staying in today, and honestly this is just a common occurrence here in Japan there are these new shoes I bought all righty guys we all geared up it’s starting to snow it’s not too bad of a day with the snow it’s fine as long as it doesn’t rain beautiful getting on the lift with each other. So jess is behind me how you doing bubs. So we haven’t skied in in quite some time.

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So you guys enjoy us attempting to ski you Japan what you did it bye-bye let’s see how we go onto the easiest light we could find we don’t break a leg all righty goggles on oh you look cute I like that beanie goggles on it’s a bit foggy. But you did really good ooh I always wanted to do trust Oh make a snow angel all my goodness that is so thick you need help we were down reading the stars in the city guys you’re probably asking where my my skis are oh here we go I’ve skied into the I don’t know what you call it. But it’s very deep snow oh it’s more to this than what you see you know this town’s get the best. So I think that’s how you stop yourself it’s like we can finally start to you ski we went to Colorado, and couldn’t ski went to Canada, and clean ski of all places we came to Japan we could ski loser has to buy the hot chocolate okay guys. So like yeah, I’m pretty much a first-time skier slow is Jes radar skiing below I need to know to know if we should just stop skiing or whether we keep trying winter wonderland winner tomorrow, I’m sorry I should be gettin some like epic epic ski socks. But look at this I don’t know if you can tell that is Snorri right now.

But it is pouring down with snow at the moment guys know it’s a smart idea dropping yourself a stick when you’re on the lift, I’m currently in literally knee-deep I snore trying to get my selfie stick back. So jess is already doing pasta enjoyed her second run also thank you how to snore sorry nice I sorta like swim innit hey buddy oh my goodness it’s past my knees awesome hmm oh wait peach coke hot-off-the-press we got new coca-cola peach look at that peach we have to try it that is nice my sheets then like the other ones yeah you like it yeah it was so nice. So come into the ski lodge, and of course we’re ordering lunch from a machine that I have English. So that’s handy lucky Chinese noodles are eager for a rice dish I love the kids faces when our him a child the child snack feel that it’s hot coffee Oh what cold coffee this is meant to be a quick shot really yeah that’s all right I wasn’t well that’s that’s what coffee oh that is so hot. So through our investigation we found our blue means cold red label means hot.

But just wants to go for a wee bit of milk in it oh that is so strange, I’m proud of you going for the chopsticks mountain vegetables, and hot coffees we came out of the slopes of the perfect ton as a blizzard has decided to hit look how thick the snow is so it’s buckwheat noodles with mountain vegetables that’s gonna move you by the way okay noodles from that we haven’t deviants it’s not always cute with the chopsticks oh that’s super nice it’s awesome that is quite good in there on the veggies as well my story review buckwheat noodles super tasty fills you up so much though go Jessica okay this Blizzard I don’t think is going anywhere. So we’ve decided to come up, and do something me just have never done before. Because it’s like quite snowy up. So there we need to do some indoor activities, and rent like this region the Miyagi region is kind of known for its pottery making, and we’re like you know we’ll give that a shot see how we go please don’t look for us. But any like inspiration how to do pottery do you know what it’s gonna be fun see how we do also can we just take a moment to just look at this house I think he wants his pottery making business out of his house look at Japan in the winter it’s serious goals.

So this is the final product when it is done. But he needs to put it into the shelves it off it’s got this color on there. So yeah hopefully a little bit like this we’ll see you I don’t know a few days few weeks. But I want to keep this lunch started to see how this turns out. So this is kind of a nicer one that’s been prepared, and I’ve decided Jess is going to fill it all in, I’m trying to do it. But they said that you know a lot of let the colors aren’t a lot of touch. So, I’m trying are you doing pretty good this is what you have to do oh wow that’s good try this in calligraphy trying to write Miyagi where we are see why people say this calligraphy is an art form Miyagi okay.

So that was really cool. Because we want to actually pick up some pottery. Because it’s known in the region, and then we found out you can just do it yourself was like okay that’s way more fun to do last time we were in Japan we want a Pikachu this one’s for you Cleo we have one chance go see oh my gosh you stop stop stop stop do it okay guys. So these are thunder beans, and you probably know them. Because we have edamame which that’s what it usually looks like. But here in Sendai they like to make snacks out of those. So we currently have a milkshake a milk shake made out of beans it’s cold okay oh my gosh, and then we also have like a dessert as well I assume it’s just this and, I’m gonna try that just looks like ice cream I think that this is the bean, and they make it into like a sweet paste watch an attractor yeah let’s get from this first just have a nice big bite that’s okay it’s just like old green beans is a sweet you know.

So just tastes like cold green bean will she be what about the milkshake this looks like it could be mixed with something cuz it’s why it’s probably like vanilla ice cream milkshake with beans am i right oh that’s super nice is it yeah yeah there’s a lot of vanilla I think it’s been a lean oh we got some more stuff thank you, and the last thing we got this is the original snack that they first made with the green beans, and this endure stuff is pretty much famous for this city for Sendai. So we had to try it should I cut it just very death what do you think was I write my description oh yeah no sweet glutinous bowls with cold beans on top is actually really good no all right wash it all down we’re having black bean teeth I don’t think I’ve ever had that before smells like you know like it doesn’t smell like 80s. So weed it’s like a savory et okay yeah it’s like not tea leaves cause it’s made of beans beans the other Chipotle you know it’s like a Mexican tea see. But there’s no much flavor it tastes like beans or Peas we’ve come out for dinner that kind of translates to a UVCE or one-two-three Street alley alley, and it’s a Brokaw a Yoko shot I think Japanese. But it’s an alley full of bars, and restaurants dinner in like that’s just a restaurant it’s not like this one has three tables we need to find somewhere good I think this place looks pretty good just sukizo if you guys wanted to come here, and looks like it just like this all looks a bit bigger than the other ones. So we’ve just been given the sake list, and it’s not just a one sheet there’s two there’s so many, and of course we can’t read Japanese who let’s go with this one this is the sake it just doesn’t feel right. So given us the sake, and they’ll eat really feel it like that like he’s going to have to sip it already up top up.

So water a lot of seafood, and the first thing they’ve given us is raw jellyfish. So uh off you go Steve it’s gonna be the foodie blog for you guys yes in ponzu sauce which is like a citrus, and soya sauce roar jellyfish off you go country crunchy crunchy. But the texture is quite hard to – yeah oh yeah the citrus soy sauce is so good is it I think jellyfish doesn’t have much flavor. But it’s a soy sauce. So next up we have it still raw we have tuna sea bream, and scallop, and I think this is my favorite Japanese food whenever we come here I love raw tuna, and you pop it in this stuff. So they’ve just served us fish liver.

So, I’m just gonna give Stephen the honors of tasting this one off you go fish liver to wash down that beautiful tuna we just had my mouth still tastes like it I love it okay it looks like a pate yeah well that’s what liver is oh wow in a big piece yeah do you like it it’s not as bad as things like liver it’s fine I wouldn’t go out of my way to order up all right Ian to end the night we’re eating eel, and there’s a concept you should really be familiar with it’s what the Japanese call unagi it’s not a kind of sushi though it’s a concept as it is it’s freshwater eel, I’ll try this one tastes like fish good those I smoked someone tell me that was white fish that’s really good hope you enjoyed today guys it is like 9 o’clock, and we started at about 8 o’clock there’s so much to do in Japan are you enjoying the daily posts here in Japan if you’re new around here make sure you hit that comment button, and you’ve been around here before leave a comment below on what was the weirdest food that we tried today I think Timmy it was the liver. But also the jellyfish tasted weird. Because, I’m a huge texture person hence why I don’t like avocado. Because it’s a weird texture. But I hope you enjoyed the post see you guys , and on.

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