Today is a very important day today, I’m going to climb a volcano if I can wake up we can wake up hey what’s up man Hey oh yeah, and no worries no worries what time you think 5:30 in the morning, I’m up here with my guide you wanna introduce yourselves my name is Ruben I come from watts Nick and, I’m the guide today we’re almost there we’re getting very close, and we actually have some really nice weather luckily there’s no cloud cover take a little peek at where we’re at starting the day of high high above the clouds let’s get going, and once you get above a certain point the air gets very thin you can pry here you’re using probably fifty fifteen years from the top it even goes have you ever heard a verdict fear of heights don’t look that way we are way up above the clouds now Sun setting to come up is keep going I was there in a cold era you know a wise man once said when you’re bad you’re bad, and when you’re good you’re good, and today pretty bad pretty damn bad today.

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So as I as you can tell, I’m not at the top of a volcano we had maybe 500 meters left to get to the top of this volcano to get to the cold air the pinnacle of this height of course I want to find my drone off the volcano every postmakers dream of the fly a drone off of a volcano on a sunny day in the tropical island I launched this drone in the air, and out of nowhere the wind picks up howling hitting the mountain sending a storm of clouds blowing up the clouds build out of nowhere it went from you know calm kind of sunny 40 to 50 mile-per-hour winds heavy rain downpour like no Joel is so bad we had to hold on to the ground more or less we survived the hurricane we came back down, and as we come down it’s looking like the Sun that might come out, and now mind you we made it two hours in the hike of course we make it down to the bottom, and the Sun starts to come out Martinique you’re killing me such as life sometimes you climb that damn mountain sometimes you get more than halfway up, and you got to turn around. Because it’s a hurricane that was a gnarly storm that was like an actually gnarly storm. But if these cloud Springs, and I might go back up I might go back okay we’re almost there we got. So lucky today I can’t even explain how lucky we are right now we decide to give it another shot we decided to hike back up mom pill a second time, and I have to tell you the second time is pretty damn rough you know like, I’m a pretty, and shaped guy, and my knees are kind of jello right now we are just about halfway up the volcano the Sun is about to come out look how beautiful this is that’s actually the peak of the volcano in the clouds the peak is almost always in the clouds. So the fact that we have some Sun right now is a very very rare thing.

So that’s the Caribbean Sea you look over this way to the farmlands another volcano off in the distance across the island, and that is the Atlantic we are in the center of the island about halfway up this volcano rock life is good right now you know what I say this all the time. But I feel the most alive when, I’m out in nature doing crazy stuff like when, I’m on top of volcano when, I’m waking up at the crack of dawn that’s when I feel hyped that’s when I feel like, I’m gonna launch the drone in the air get a proper a bird’s-eye view of Martinique yes we just climbed down from the top of the mountain we are now going to a waterfall in the wood medical some locals you guys want to say something in a process I have a lot of French viewers well, I’m ready Nicole Maj I find when you travel if you can meet people that actually live here you know all the touristy spots you can find that on a map. But you got to meet up with some locals find the hidden gems like look what we’re at we’re all increasing down here you want to come in the shadows okay one two thank you action all right.

So check this out more or less today we start with the hike up the mountain now I met with some locals say what’s up eh now they have led me to this spot in Martinique at the foot of Mount pelée look at this I’ve never seen anything like this it’s legit a tavern cut out probably a good hundred feet down the days where you don’t say anything that’s when the good happens that’s when the sweet stuff happens well look how narrow this is this is maybe six foot across get back here you have to wade through water that next beep I have all my camera gear. So, I’m going to have to hold my camera gear over my head they saw this on this on we decided to make a pinned up at a all natural organic plantation, and we’re kind of getting a torn out of the plantation apparently it’s one of the guys friends, and they’re giving us some food we’re tomorrow to take on the boat make some kind of feast this is a very very tiny plantation it’s just all organic they don’t use any apparently gasoline to power any other machines it’s all by hand, and look where it’s at right at the foot of mom pillar it is so wild to think that we were on the top of that volcano earlier this morning oh my gosh folks oh my god that’s an ugly cat are you got the countdown ready do it yeah I know I was walking around the town a little bit I was thinking why do my legs hurt.

Because two times up, and down the volcano today a jungle excursion through that waterfall whatever cavern that was at in the same place today was one of those days that makes me feel. So damn alive you know, I’m saying any day where you meet new people is a good day any day where you see something new for the first time is a good day if you liked today’s post, and smash that thumbs up button leave me a comment down below if your friends just. Because I love French people also the fact that it’s 6 o’clock now in the evening, and I’ve been up since 3:30 in the morning no joke, I’m about to go to sleep wake up at probably 2:00 a.m. edit these posts get them up. Because I know they’ve been pretty scattered have the worst of your problems there’s no Wi-Fi, and getting posts up then you know that’s a pretty good problem to have. So the posts will get up when they get up I hope you like them a comment down below like I said on sloth from Martinique.

So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion.

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