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The easiest way to see London is by the public double-decker buses or the Underground, the London subway system. A go-as-you-please seven-day pass permits travel around London via London Transport.

Day-long excursions are fun using BritRail Britain-Shrinker tours. BritRail provides a choice of fourteen thousand trains a day, including the 125 mile express trains.

A day-tripper can head west to the elegant town of Bath. Or visit England’s second largest city, Birmingham. Or south to Winchester at the edge of New Forest. Or toward the English Channel to Canterbury. Cambridge and Oxford are within easy compass.

FIGURE 4.1 Royal residences dot Europe. Best known to North Americans is Buckingham Palace, London residence of Britain’s royal family.

Within the slave community, religious leaders and skilled artisans carpenters, blacksmiths, and others occupied the highest level of the social hierarchy. United Kingdom Subway Map These positions were usually dominated by men, although a great deal of influence was held by powerful matriarchs or by women skilled in the textile crafts. Domestic servants and slaves of mixed ancestry sometimes enjoyed a higher status, based on favorable treatment from the master, and those who were most familiar with white society also had an advantage over more recent immigrants, particularly in regions with large white populations. For the most part, however, distinctions based on gender, place of birth, skill level, and complexion were mitigated by the fact that all slaves, regardless of their personal characteristics, were still slaves and still relegated to the lowest level of society. The world that the slaves created for themselves had room for all of these disparate groups.

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