Utah Travel Destinations

Utah Travel Destinations


Situated in south-central Utah, long and narrow Capitol Reef National Park encompasses the Wa-terpocket Fold, an enormous eroded uplift of land. There are deep desert canyons of multicolored slickrock sandstone here.

The scenic and varied terrain includes mesas and rock pinnacles, arches and bridges, outcroppings and caves. There’s desert vegetation, with pinyon-juniper woodlands. Among the wildlife are black bear, mule deer, mountain lion, and coyote.

Activities: Hiking and backpacking are the primary activities available in this National Park, with about 75 miles of trails. Difficulty varies from easy to strenuous. Some trails are minimally marked.

Camping Regulations: Camping is allowed in most parts of the park. A free backcountry permit is required, and may be obtained from a ranger. Campsites should be out of sight and sound of any trail, road, or developed area. Summers are often extremely hot here, so the best seasons for camping are spring and fall.

For Further Information: Capitol Reef National Park, Torrey, UT 84775; (801)425-3791.

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