Theatre of New York

One of the main reasons for visiting New York is to take in a few shows. Broadway means musicals, comedies, conventional drama. But most of the theatres are physically, off-Broadway, clustered around the sidestreets from West 44th to 50th streets.

Broadway has the big stars and the elaborate productions. Tickets for hit shows can be very difficult to obtain at short notice, so it’s best to write ahead if you have your heart set on a particular one. Curtain time is usually

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Even to this day, very few local people, including some of the rescue crews, believe their story of having swum for two days without being spotted, especially after such an intensive search. The guys were both wearing Northern Diver neoprene drysuits, which obviously kept them warm and saved their lives; for the publicity received, Northern Diver presented them with brand new £600 drysuits. An echo sounder is required to pick up the reef wall. A similar dive to site (10) but the drop-off is broken into wide steps and ledges in the first 10 metres before dropping away to the sand and stone seabed at 30 metres. The reef has lots of marine life on it, including Devonshire cup corals and jewel anemones, which are not seen in many other areas around the Farne Islands, apart from at Whirl Rocks. The tidal streams and currents are the same as the last dive site (10). Marine life is a bit sparse here compared with at the last two sites, with the shallowest point at 16 metres and dropping away to the flat stony bottom at 30 metres. The strong currents still prevail but the rocks are fairly bare. Again, the echo sounder is required to locate the reef should anyone be interested enough to want to dive at this site. A shallow plateau with dense kelp and tangleweed and depths ranging between 5 and 10 metres; the plateau is also broken by a few deep narrow gullies.

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