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I hate for it to come to this. But sometimes more times than not sometimes when you’re bad you’re bad, and last night I was bad sure feels good to be back sure does Hey welcome to the post fulfill you, and yes I am in California in the last post I was in New York, and I mentioned I was travelling to LA ba-bye New York, I’ll be back in two weeks it is very very early just past five o’clock in the morning, I’m flying out of Newark. So that means, I’m gonna jump on the train then apply to Los Angeles uber, and then I will be in Venice Beach California, I’m in Los Angeles for some meetings, I’m here to see some friends on Thursday of this week, I’m traveling to Monaco I’ve never been to Monaco, I’m going for the Grand Prix, I’m shooting my first global ad campaign in Monaco that sounds kind of crazy to say before we jump into today’s post there’s one thing I have to mention remember about a month ago I went to Thailand, and I made some posts for their tourism board well there’s now a contest.

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So it’s my post, and then two other Creators, and they’re more or less doing a voting system, and see which post people enjoy the most if you want to support it go show some love to that post it would mean a lot to me. Because I worked real hard on that post if you vote for my post you get a chance to win a GoPro Hero session that link is down below in the description all you have to do is go down there click on my post, and vote, and you are entered for the chance to win a GoPro Hero session feel like we can win this contest, and if my post wins I get to go back to Thailand, and fill my island back in Venice, and you’ll never guess where, I’m staying well well well this isn’t a sight for sore eyes I do not know what is we are back in the world-famous Venice Beach air B&B long why we I mean, I’m all alone, and my friends are in Laguna, and New York City.

So I am in the Venice Beach Los I get into that place, and I open the door, and the memories just flooded in you love last the one-eared is the Larson with Mike shepherd shepherd you should have came that amazing kind of bender of a week one of my absolute favorite things in the whole world is waking up in Venice Beach at sunrise checking the surf going for a run doing a workout sit back relax enjoy the post we’re going to get started with this day right going to get some fitness in there was that brief period in time where I was fully about to move to Venice you wake up every morning blue sky beautiful outdoor gym you’ve got the palm trees you’ve got Dwayne Johnson a huge picture of Dwayne Johnson patrolling these beaches of Venice, and an ugly pigeon picking up trash it’s all right here I feel though the dangerous potentially you could get sick of it. Because there’s no real seasons here there’s no change, and I need change you know I guess that makes it a bit more special.

Because when I am here Mullen hears like a week or. So, I’ll take what I can get in Venice. But, I’m going to continue with this run I have just about four miles left up, and early let’s get it yeah I’ve been finding that these morning runs waking up at sunrise kind of getting that routine to start the day I mean I’ve been doing this for three weeks straight every day is same routine my mental clarity mmm when your body’s feeling good that’s when your confidence is up, and when your confidence is up you can crush life I feel like when you’re confident man opportunities, and good vibes just kind of come your way out the morning routine is done, and it is seven o’clock in the morning, and that’s another thing about coming out to California I love it. Because I woke up today like four o’clock still super rested I have that three hour jetlag window where I can start my day even earlier on the other side of that I finally gone to bed at nine o’clock geez I mean, I’m cool going to bed early, I’m a bit of a dad Walter okay. So it’s now a little bit of mid-day update from the benef loft, and I set this earlier. But this place it’s not the same without the crew without the four guys in here before I go any further let’s all take a moment now, and take a trip down memory lane to the bank show that was the Venice Beach January 2018 trip enjoy the memories, and if not fast-forward a few seconds to the continuation of today’s post. But you should probably watch, and now presenting mr.

Michael Shepherd oh my God look at his sudden last Friday night last night he got a little crazy , and the Lauriston per usual took up their shirts, and start playing with the hose Oh cover those bad boys off the Sex Pistols live streaming at Shepherds live stream in United Nations of fans hanging laughs this time second alley Meetup super super cool people go oh my gosh the meet up today insane if you came out today you’re awesome like every single person we met was halo is so not the best time we just sat here, and just chill in Venice, and talked, and we went on a circle, and kind of you know learn best by everywhere there from all that kind of gonzo people who came also started becoming friends also it’s like yeah to get communities personally yeah I mean, and the vibe right now in Venice is real well buns about to go down look at that a port peach grabbing a block if you’re new here, and you didn’t see the Venice posts go back, and watch them they’ll be down below in the description those posts the funny thing is we thought they were hilarious, and we like out of all the posts that made it besides those travel posts those are my favorite. But I feel like people didn’t really get to jokes. Because they’re sort of like you had to be here to get it sort of thing packing up, I’m actually leaving at Venice Beach I know, and every time I come to LA I say moving Venice I never do. But, I’m leaving Venice heading towards downtown sort of area to meet up with a friend, and just kind of get out of Venice I hate for it to come to this. But sometimes more times than not their own Scheffer Mike shepherd Sam Shaffer you know this better than anyone reading sometimes when you’re bad you’re bad, and last night I was bad this is one of my biggest things with making posts on the internet that aren’t focused around travel or places. But are focused more.

So on a personal narrative sometimes I forget to post. So this is a next day backtrack Riya counting the events of last evening. So I did it I left Venice Beach California, I’m now in kind of suburban downtown LA, and I got a chance to meet up with a good friend of mine Elijah there’s a screen, and you can actually see yourself, and then a very strange thing happened I was don’t for a walk, and I approached this what the, I’m walking around this neighborhood, and look behind me it looked like the scene of a murder investigation where this body of this huge teddy bear this bear was as tall as me. So this is a six foot four inch long bear laid on the ground I don’t even know what – yeah just take a little look at this kind of cool. But at the same time kind of really freaking weird in the brush where there’s trash, and debris, and it’s kind of guts were hanging out all the stuffing was everywhere it was a mess I feel like there was a good amount of symbolism there justice bear this life-sized human bear laying on the side of the road. So that happened, and then after that I cruise back to Venice around you know 9:00 or. So.

Because, I’m still in that East Coast time and, I’m actually gonna stay on the East Coast time. Because like I mentioned at the start of this post, I’m going to Europe in like two days. So I don’t want to have that jet lag be any worse now it is the next day, and kind of actually actually is cloudy today I was going to say sunny Venice Beach. But no it’s kind of cloudy today it’s a little cooler than the sweater very very much. So day in the life type of post I hope you enjoyed it if you did tip your coffee to it, and give this post a thumbs up leave a comment down below your favorite part today posts you’re new to the child comment join the family I post travel posts my new posting schedule, I’m going to stick to Monday Wednesday, and Friday I feel like that’s manageable for the amount of travel until now to make the kind of posts that I want to make also turn on those post notifications. So you know when I do upload in case I drop a little extra something something which, I’m going to very soon I hope you had an amazing band if you didn’t I hope this post made a little better I will see you in the next post from Venice Beach California.

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