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18 Mt. Auburn St, Watertown; (617) 926-0010 The Verona is a humble local establishment with a loyal following and great value. Just because one cannot afford high prices, Mine says, one should not have to give up variety!

So this is the kind of restaurant he loves one could dine here every night for a month and not have the same meal twice.

Starting with pasta, choices already bombard you. Pick spaghetti, shells, or ziti, and top it with homemade meat sauce for $7.50; with meat sauce and sausage or meatballs for $8.75; white clam sauce for $8.95; and more. Or have these with homemade fettucine for a dollar extra. Moving on to other dishes, baked lasagna ($8.95) is a mountainous slab with fresh sauce poured over the top. The Italian combo plate is equally generous: A veal cutlet, ravioli, meatballs, shells, and sausage, all for $10.25.

With most entrees you get a side order of pasta and cooked vegetables; but the menu itself goes well beyond Neapolitan fare. Try the homemade lobster meat cutlets, with a crabmeat sauce ($9.75); all seafood is brought in fresh daily.

The Verona offers several interesting desserts, including Creme Brulee a la Ritz ($3.50), a sweet custard topped with caramel sauce. The restaurant, recently remodeled, has a family atmosphere; the menu is printed on the placemats, and most of the tables are booths. Closed Mondays.

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