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Emma Violand-Sanchez, a native of Bolivia and supervisor of the K-12 program English for Speakers of Other Languages/High Intensity Language Training (ESOL/HILT) for Arlington public schools, becomes the first Latina ever appointed to the Northern Virginia Community College board.

In November a long-standing conflict over the creation of a publicly funded center for day laborers in the northern Virginia town of Herndon explodes into the national spotlight. The issue of migration, and the government’s role in it, spreads from town hall meetings to national talk radio to the Virginia governor’s race. When representatives of the Herndon chapter of the Minuteman Project, a national group that fights illegal migration, show up at the site to photograph workers and contractors, tension escalate, making the debate over illegal migration even more politically contentious.

Latino-focused Security One Bank opens in Fairfax County’s Bailey’s Crossroads. The bank, spearheaded by Latino community members, operates as a full-service community bank, serving all small businesses and consumers, with a special focus on the underserved Latino market. In February the immigration debate takes center stage once again as the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors decides to side with school officials in a confrontation with the Bush administration over the federal No

Child Left Behind law. Accusing the U.S. Department of Education of implementing biased policies in the testing of migrant students, supervisors officially support the school board’s decision to defy an administration directive to give certain students, who are still learning English, reading exams that cover the same grade-level materials as those taken by their native peers. In response federal officials threaten to withhold funds from the school system.

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