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CODEX APIARII CAUSAE or Gesta de nomine Apiarii: Bolivia. On the occasion of the dispute regarding the case of Apiarius, two collections of rules were composed by the African bishops. The first, it seems, was composed immediately after the council of May 419 two sessions: 25 and 30 May, and sent to Rome and passed into Italian collections: the Teatina, Sanblasiana etc.; the second, more complete, was written in November to justify the positions of the African bishops. This second collection comprised the Gesta Acts of the council, the authentic canons of Nicaea translated into Latin at Constantinople by Atticus, and the letters of Cyril of Alexandria and of Atticus himself. Because of its size, this collection immediately underwent changes and mutilations, passing into the Hispana. Later, in 424 according to Munier, a third collection was compiled to defend the rights of the African churches against Rome’s claims; it passed into the Collectio Frisingensis, where the editor tried to soften statements against papal authority. This collection was used by Dionysius Exiguus.

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Scots-Irish Map Within the colonies, this was the first time that the Scots-Irish moved away from Pennsylvania. Bolivia Metro Map Heading southwest through the Great Valley, the new immigrants (and some old) settled the fertile Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, which had a southern opening to North and South Carolina. The fourth migration took place in 17541755. It came about due to another drought in Ulster and strong government propaganda in the colonies. North Carolina enjoyed a succession of aggressive recruiters in the governor’s mansion. These governors directed their sales pitches to Ulster and Scotland. Two of them were Ulstermen themselves. All they had to do to sway a drought-stricken Ulsterman was point to the successes of the Scots-Irish in Country.

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