Visit Qorikancha the temple of the sun in Cusco Peru

This is Qorikancha, The Sun Temple, and it was the most important temple for the Incan religion. And if you can imagine, it used to be completely covered in gold.

It is absolutely incredible that they were able to put together these walls, because today in modern times, we would need like, diamond saw blades and all sorts of other gadgets to make it this perfect, and this was back in the 1200’s.

Visit Qorikancha the temple of the sun in Cusco Peru Photo Gallery

These small openings in the wall here, they would use ’em to put in mummies and idols. This is, once again, was a religious temple and they’d put their offerings here.

This window right here is is proof that the Incans really knew a lot about astrology, because every June 21st the sun would come pouring in perfectly and project an image on the ground, and that would mark the Winter Solstice.

This is my favorite spot of Qorikancha, this is the royal garden. And back in the day, it was decorated with beautiful statues covered in gold and silver. And it’s also where they used to celebrate the sun festival, which happened every year on June 21st.

I really wish we could go back in time and see Qorikancha in all of its gold glory. But it’s still, as it stands today, a very beautiful place to visit.

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