Hey guys it is 9:00 a.m. which means it is time to go down to the turtle sanctuary, and go, and feed, and clean at the Turtles it’s like the best part of the day hello these guys are almost ready for leasing look at it alright guys this morning’s task is to collect rubbish off the beach, and clean it up, and also go, and find some seaweed. Because the turtles like to eat it see we have to look out for all righty guys we’re gonna feed the totals you see where you’ve got me sound all they wanted since that was close careful just going for a little cheeky beach walk while I wait for our lunch to be ready we decided to come, and have lunch at this cafe today I’ve just come down to have a little stroll along the beach, and I thought I’d show you guys a little bit more about this sea turtle project now if you were with us somewhere in Costa Rica you would have seen that we spent a week at a sea turtle conservation where there we had to go, and collect eggs put it in a hatchery, and then once eggs hatched we then set them all free, and let them all like the little babies go into the ocean we’re here at the valley project it’s a little bit different in Costa Rica they had a huge problem with poachers which meant that a lot of the eggs didn’t even have a chance to hatch, and get into the water. Because the poachers would come, and take the eggs before they even had we here at Bali all the eggs are hatching, and going into the water. But they’re noticing that a lot of the babies are dying in the water they don’t have a high survival rate one of the guys working here we’re telling me that for the first two, and a half months baby sea turtles are blind, and can’t even see.


So what the barley conservation wants to do is to collect the turtles, and then let them have a chance to grow up a bit. So they wait a year, and then once the turtles are big enough healthy enough they then release them into the ocean, and hopefully they have more of a chance of growing to adulthood, and coming back to the beaches, and laying more eggs the future turtles guys for lunch we ordered banana crepes, and we literally just got served party on a plate it looks amazing whose birthday is that it looks like someone has put like a party cracker on the house all righty, I’ll often earring toss is to come down, and instead of looking for seaweed we’re now looking for crabs there’s a little bit of a desert of the turtles pinch yeah. So you have to lift the rock up first to see if there’s any underneath it oh yeah I see it yeah it’s only also hits a big one alrighty. So he’s facing me I need to catch one yeah oh you’re so close you did it you caught him Roddy’s Jess’s turn to have a go if she succeeds can you pick the starfish things up there you go wrong with ya good oh my gosh you’ve gotta buy the pincers all righty dessert is served let’s go, and feed the turtles in the water oh this is good give them some practice for hunting they need to be predators when they’re in the wild while they were swimming around Shawnee catch them this cafe always delivers the goods this here is what you want guys we’ve made a friend that keeps following us every day, and we call her nips if you can guess why she literally walks us to the sea total project, and then when we come she walks us back to the cafe as you say what to do the only way to end the day with ice cream YUM we cool. Because they’ve got a lot of these stations set up to catch oh yeah I wish I brought my thongs my feet are currently walking directly on the coral, and it’s a little bit painful. But it is all worth it. So we can come, and get the seaweed.

So this is pretty much as you can see the little contraption they have set up to catch all the seaweed, and then we just need to go in there, and grab it. But the reflection it’s so calm here I better to do my job, and grab some seaweed also your daily reminder that this is the beautiful cafe that we come to on the beach I mean you wouldn’t even know how much does this look like paradise alrighty guys our time at the sea turtle project is pretty much coming to an end, and our time in Bali is coming to an end. Because tomorrow we fly to Java, and we are working with orangutangs I just wanted to say sorry I haven’t been in the posts much over the past few days I’ve been sick with a cold. But, I’m feeling much better last night I thought I had barley belly. But it was just a big Neron yeah hit comment hit like if you enjoyed the post.

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