Visit to Hong-Kong

Hong Kong is seen as a central spot for craft beer in Asia. There’s a range of good breweries and a lot of bars. Young Master Ales (Sungib Industrial Center, 53 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong) is a brewery getting lots of attention for its classic brews, often with a local accent. Others to look out for include Moonzen ( and Kowloon Bay Brewery (

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Visit to Taiwan

Taiwan has a young and passionate craft beer community, and is seeing lots of breweries and bars open. Taihu Brewing is at the forefront ( They have some seriously cools taprooms that would happily fit in in Williamsburg or Vesterbro, including one that’s a retrofitted airstream. Watch out for Taiwan.

Visit to Cambodia

In Siem Reap, the town you stay in when visiting the life bucket list tick of Angkor Wat, the most famous place to drink is the brash Pub Street, a never-ending happy hour of 50-cent draft lagers and US$2 cocktails, which is culturally insignificant in Cambodia’s most culturally significant place. Way more fun is The Local Brew Pub and Guesthouse (115 Street 20, Siem Reap). There you can stay in one of the world’s only brewery guesthouses, where rooms cost around US$15 a night. The beers are brewed on site and cost a couple of bucks each. You can probably skip the Siem Reap Brewpub, because the beers and the location are not especially interesting (if you want to go, it’s on the corner of Street 5 and Shinta Mani). In Phnom Penh, there is a growing number of expat brewers doing good things. For the best, go to Botanico Wine & Beer Garden (Street 29, Phnom Penh) for the Cerevisia beers, while there’s also a couple of other breweries in town, mostly German in style.

Visit to The Philippines

Alongside Vietnam, the other country seeing significant craft beer growth is the Philippines. It’s spread all around and there are upward of 40 breweries now. The best place to find out more is the Philippine Craft Beer Community post on Facemy blog (www.facemy

A flight of Cerevisia beers served at Botanico Wine & Beer Garden in Phnom Penh.

While the quality of Cambodian beer is often as low as the price you pay for it, a night out on Siem Reap’s Pub Street is definitely a lively experience.

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