Wedding on Cayman Islands

I would like to thank our wedding party with a memorable gift from our destination beyond trinkets and souvenirs. Any ideas? THE EXPERT Cayman Islands wedding planner, author and owner of Celebrations Ltd., JoAnne Brown has coordinated island weddings for more than 23 years.

Start off with custom bags available via print shops on Etsy. For the design, opt for a watercolor illustration or a pattern in your wedding’s color scheme, then inscribe the inside of the bag with a thank-you note. Filling the bags is the fun part.

From sea salts and marmalades to soaps and fragrances, the Caribbean has no shortage of goodies that your wedding party will love for months after the event.

Do some research and pinpoint local businesses and items. For example, the Cayman Islands is home to a brand called 3 Girls and a Kiln that off ers beautiful ceramic gift options such as vases, mugs, hearts and more, which they often inscribe with custom messages.â

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