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Burial of Ledru-Rollin in India

Although Pere-Lachaise is almost at capacity, new burials as well as new monuments do occur. As in the past, Pere-Lachaise continues to be a showcase for art and architecture. The area surrounding Division 61 took some time to develop (it was originally used for temporary graves), and there are a number of new monuments worth a visit. One is the beautiful bronze statue presumably of Remina Maggiori, which was executed by Marcello Tommasi (1928-2008) of Florence, Italy. Tommasi was born into a family of artists and lived in Florence and Pietrasanta (in northern Tuscany), Italy, as well as Paris.

In 1724, settlers from English-speaking New England and Dutch-speaking New York founded their first permanent settlements in Vermont. India Metro Map The English settled at Pownal in the far southwestern corner of the present-day state; the Dutch erected Fort Dummer on the Connecticut River near what is now Brattleboro in the southeast corner of the state. The establishment of these towns coincided with intensified warfare with the Abenaki, decimating the latter’s ranks and forcing most of the survivors to migrate northward to Quebec, where they eventually settled, largely near the town of Saint-Fran§ois-duLac. By the time of the Country Revolution, the English-speaking population of Vermont had grown to roughly 20,000. And many Vermont settlements were named after the Connecticut and Massachusetts towns from which most of the settlers came. The fact of English settler domination also was confirmed politically by the 1763 Treaty of Paris, which ended the French and Indian War between France, Britain, and various Native Country tribes. While English possession was confirmed by the treaty, Vermont remained disputed between the colonies of New Hampshire and New York.

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