Hello. And welcome to another packing post that’s right.

So today. I’m going to go through what. I pack in my carry-on now this can be several different reasons why, you would want to pack a carry-on one is, it’s just smaller, it’s a lot easier to take with, you two is airline feeds that, you don’t want to actually pay.

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So, you want to try to avoid packing a large luggage. So, this is kind of what. I would pack in a sort of travel e Beach vacation or just just general travel trip for anywhere between two to four days maybe five days, you could probably stretch it five days or any kind of business travel.

I also cover will cover some options for what. I would pack if. I was doing like a business trip or a conference.

So yes let’s get started first things first we’ve got to pick out our carry-on luggage now. I have a lot of different pieces of luggage a lot of pieces of carry-on luggage now there are several things. I like to look for in my carry-on luggage first thing is hardcase.

I like to make sure, it’s our case not only does it make it more sturdier it also makes the waterproof next thing. I like to look for is four wheels. So it rolls log really nice.

And easily another thing. I look for is a built in lock so I don’t have to have any external locks.

I could just lock it on the device now this piece of luggage is from a way let me just open that up. And show, you hey there we go. So, this is the brand away that’s what this luggage piece is called, it’s actually a smart luggage it has USB ports right back there.

So, you can charge up your electronics now let me show, you what. I’m gonna pack in my carry-on shall we let’s go through the clothing. So like.

I said, this is a more of a casual travel beachy any kind of summer travel or vacation that’s kind of what. I’m planning for, but obviously depending on what trip you’re taking or where you’re going, you got to have to play around with the type of clothing you’re going to bring because, you got a dress to the weather, you might have a longer stuff like more long sleeves or long pants or warmer clothing if you’re going somewhere warmer or even less warm clothing that were really really hot, but, this is kind of a general no matter what temperature it is that. I’m going that.

I like to bring. So let me show, you so I like to bring a couple different things first thing is athletic gear.

I like to make sure. I always have kind of like a sports bra workout shorts. And a work out shirt because not only am.

I doing activities when I travel, but. I’m also trying to keep fit.

And those rare occasions that. I get time to do some exercise. I do like to always have something active.

So just so I have it there and I have no surprises and I always. I can’t have any excuses not to do stuff next is. I like to bring one little kind of like a jumper or a romper.

I was like summer one sometimes they bring a longer one, but these are always great because, you can wear them anywhere pretty much. And they’re really fun. And they’re easy then.

I also like to bring one more like kind of dressier one that. I can dress up or dress down this one’s actually addressed. I can also watch the beach kind of versatile.

I like to bring to kind of like loose or lights long-sleeve shirts. I get really cold. I don’t know about, you guys but.

I get really cold all the time even in hot weather. And also in tropical destinations, you find that at nighttime it can get quite chilly so I like to have a couple different rompers that.

I can kind of play around or if you just wrap them around my waist if. I’m not using them, this is kind of like a longer sleeve one, it’s kind of just like a nice loose long-sleeve shirt but. I can kind of roll up or like this tie around my waist if.

I’m wanting to be fashion a little hipster like. I can tie around my waist. And it looks great then.

I like to always make sure that. I have a pair of long pants these ones are white pants if. I was going somewhere a little bit more dirtier or.

I could get dirtier. I might want to bring not white pants because white pants aren’t always the best to travel with because they get they don’t really stay white that long even where you’re going depend weight or not next we’ve got more like day stuff. So I’ll bring two pairs of shorts one pair of shorts is more of like a funkier in short that.

I can like really dress up. And have fun with. And then the other sets of shorts is more of a standard jean shorts literally just standard jean shorts because.

I can wear these for like five days straight. And not have to wash them. And, it’s great.

So seriously. And then just go with everything now we have shirts oh the shirts. I like to pack one like beachy style shirt.

So something that’s really light that. I could go to the beach. I could do activities with then.

I like to do to like kind of more date like shirts. So these are just general shirts that. I would wear out about exploring on my travels.

And then. I like to bring one more kind of a fancier kind of evening shirt that. I could dress up if.

I need to wear something, you know a little bit more fancier now these are all again casual general travel stuff, but it was packing more conference II a more event. I would pack something a little bit more fancy or maybe switch out some of the regular shirts for some more like businesslike shirts or sheer shirts like. So my yellow my yellow dress.

I would replace with more of a more of a fancier dress something just a little bit more dressed up on that. I can wear to like a cocktail party or any kind of party or like a fancy or dinner and I would put.

I would replace one of my light blue or my like long-sleeve shirts that are kind of more loose. And casual and I would include a more fitted jacket a more business style fitted jacket next thing is a rain jacket as much as.

I don’t want it to rain sometimes it happens. And so I like to be prepared for it because.

I hate being unprepared for stuff. So if it rains I’ll make sure. I have a rain jacket or if, it’s a which time.

I have a winter jacket or I’ll have some type of jacket with me on that note. I also carry an umbrella a small umbrella that. I can pack around because again if.

I’m filming or if. I’ve gear an umbrella is very very important another thing. I like to bring is a day purse, this is just like a tinier purse because, this is carry-on, it’s smaller if.

I was you’re doing regular luggage. I might have a slightly bigger purse, but just something. I can wear in the evening or like if.

I don’t want to bring my big camera bag with me. I could just have a regular purse also. I like to make sure.

I carry pajamas just a simple pair of pajamas, this is a t-shirt. And a pair of boardshorts sunglasses. I will only pack one pair of sunglasses if.

I’m doing carry-on unless, it’s like a crazy beach vacation that. I might do too, but generally if. I’m just doing a carry-on, it’s a shorter trip.

So one pair of glasses, it’s fine hair straighteners, this is a mini hair straightener. I got this from Sephora. And, it’s it’s quite decent, it’s not, you know, it’s no full-length hair straightener but.

I kind of make the sacrifice for the space because I’m. So limited on space take a straighten and I can wave my hair.

And it gets the job done for the couple days that. I’m away toiletries. And makeup now if you notice my toiletry bag is actually see through, this is a waterproof see-through case very important big as.

I hate liquid spilling onto all my stuff also that means when I take this bag out for the TSA check. I don’t actually need to put it in a plastic bag because they’ll accept a see-through bag so.

I don’t have to take anything out. I just take this. And then put it back first thing is.

I do a travel size travel friendly hairspray simple moisturizer that also has SPF in it we’ve got my toothbrush we have a, this is a container of my face wash that. I use. I just put it in like one of these portable goo tubes.

So, it’s nice. And small. And smaller than normally is.

So, this is Moroccan oil as, you can see. I use it quite a bit just to like smooth out my hair. And then we have a makeup remover little thing of toothpaste a mini thing of hand lotion eyedrops floss this big honker that’s deodorant.

I’m still looking for a smaller deodorant, this is not really practical for carry on. I like to utilize these little sample packages of shampoo dinner if. I’m just literally doing a week trip because.

I can generally two to three washes on my hair. And if. I wash every other day then that can last six days.

So that’s like a solid week of shampoo. And conditioner. And then also normally most of the places that stay if, it’s a hotel will have shampoo conditioner.

So. I’m not too worried, but this just makes it less lawless stuff the pack. And the last.

I will pack my foundations, this is my makeup foundation because normally would be my eye makeup bag, but because, it’s carry-on. I need to take it in the see-through bag through TSA makeup. So, this is just a little makeup bag that.

I have and I really downsized my makeup to the absolute essentials. So we’ve got a blush a bronzer a lipstick.

I bring my little palette. So, this is a eyeshadow palette. So, it’s very neutral, but also can be glam so.

I could wear in the evening. I wearing the day mascara. I bring my mascara primer a little bit of cover up.

And my makeup brushes. I do bring full brushes because. I’m hopeless applying makeup without brushes my eyebrow tools.

And my brush yes that is my hairbrush, it’s also a brush. And, it’s a comb it does everything, it’s tiny. And small.

And that’s my makeup kit very simple nice. And easy now shoes. So I’ll bring three pairs of shoes one pair of shoes.

I will be wearing now just be like my everyday walking shoes. And then also pack two pairs because, this is again a kind of a trouble trip vacation trip. I’m bringing kind of like evening shoes or fancier shoes or dinner shoes.

So these are just a simple wedge. I love wedges for travel because they’re easy to pack. And they’re easy to walk in.

And this just kind of glammed up my outfits plus a bag to carry it in then I’ll also bring a pair of active shoes running shoes for activities for exercise. And all those needs these are my stuff sack that. I’m going to pack on my clothes and I also pack a tripod that’s just because. I need it for filming gear. And I’ll pack that in my carry-on now if.

I was going for a business conference. I would not take summary wedges. And instead.

I would put a pair of more fancier heels in again for evenings for dinners. And for dressing up next thing is my second carry-on so I actually bring to carry on one of my hardcase.

And the other is my camera bag. So this was my camera bag slash laptop bag slash all my electronics are in here bag, this is actually called the Nadeem bag believe it or not, it’s from aide-de-camp aide-de-camp. And it is a multi-tool egg.

I think, it’s just a coincidence that, it’s called the Abby bag, but awesome. I have a bag named after me anyways let me open this up for you. So inside here we have a whole lot of items as, you can see my laptop send my laptop.

I place right in there zip that in. And then it has this removable camera sleeve so I can actually take this out if.

I’m not using my camera at the time or. I can keep it in. And it past my camera here.

So as, you can see. I’ve got one of my big cameras. I’ve got my microphone.

I’ve got all of my battery chargers. I always bring my battery charges well everything is a carry-on but. I like to keep that all together secondary cameras.

And chargers that. I need any cords I’ll put in there my headphones I’ll have their as well as. I like to put my notebooks is where.

I write down my thoughts. And a book book to read well on various planes trains. And automobiles and, this is that bag.

And now we pack Plus underwear don’t forget the underwear. I forgot to mention that listen, this is my underwear in here sunglasses in my carry-on. So there we go.

I have my smaller carry-on my electronics carry-on. And my full carry-on packed up all nice. And compressed there make sure everything is all good.

And now I’ll take my Rolly carry-on. And place my bag which has this secret pocket or guess through–through pocket. I don’t really know what it call it.

And that will go right over top of my handle like. So so if you look behind, it’s actually attached there. And because, this is a 4-wheel luggage it doesn’t tip over see just wheels great like.

So so yeah. I hope, you enjoy the insight into what. I pack on my carry-on bags if you enjoyed this post please give a thumbs up.

And don’t forget to comment to my youtube blog as. I post packing posts. And more tips.

And travel advice all the time. And yeah see, you guys again. And if you next time with another post bye.

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