So today we’re going to talk about drugs no not the recreational kind the medical kind Travel is school of fun adventures, but those adventures sometimes lead to bumps scratches bruises cuts scrapes burn or just simply headaches that’s where a first-aid kit comes in handy. So. I’m going to be telling, you guys what.

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I put in my travel first-aid kits to help, you pack your child for Seika because it’s. So important to carry a first-aid kit with, you trust me if you haven’t already experienced the need for a first aid kit when you’re traveling, you will somewhere down the road. And you’ll be very happy that, you have one all right let’s get started.

So, this is my bag that. I carry my trial first aid kit it says, it’s a London drugs first aid kit bag but. I just used the bag for my first aid kit it actually this isn’t the kit that it came with.

I’ve refilled this to my own liking since then, but, you can buy like kits in drug stores that kind of have this basics some of the basics, but when you’re traveling you’re going to need much more than the basics afterbite pretty important for mosquitos because they’re kind of really annoying. And we don’t like them polysporin, this is a empty this may say, it’s an antibiotic cream that, you can put on wounds cuts etc blister pads these are absorbent cushions meant for blisters very handy if you get a blister because those are painful. And can be very detrimental to your walking abilities, this is rubbing alcohol.

So, this is rubbing alcohol. And around this spray container. I have medical tape.

So, you can like wrap up bandages for bigger bandages pills okay. So anti diarrheal anti diarrheal diarrhea relief because if you have diarrhea normally, you should let it just kind of go she let it go out. And do its thing, but sometimes, you want to stop it like if you are in transit cold affects these are some cold medications because if you are traveling for about two.

I usually find that between the two three week mark of traveling leave sometimes get sick most of time, you get sick some sort of cold on that note we have some strap soles these are just some sore throat candies again all the stuff that. I’m packing unpacking little bits of it not huge amounts of it because if. I do get sick.

I can go to the pharmacy, this is just a tie to tie me over until. I can find a pharmacy. So these are little containers that.

I found at a drug store there’s still packing containers that. I fit my pills in. I’ve got some Tylenol.

I got some Tylenol. I have some which are for headaches. I have some benadryl which are.

I’m not allergic to anything, but. I’m traveling to places around the world that. I don’t know.

So, you know. I don’t know. I could be allergic to something that.

I don’t even know exists yet these are just good to have around. So we got the diarrhea. So we have stuff that’ll make, you stop going to the washroom.

I also have stuff that will make, you go to the washroom. So sometimes, you just, you you might get, you know constipated when, you were traveling it happens you’re eating weird food having some pills. So these are Siena tablets that just kind of, you know help the stuff go down.

And along are very handy. I also have some enzymes in here this helps with digestion. So if you’re having.

So if your stomach is kind of having some issues digesting these are there like binos, you can buy them binos they just kind of help, you digest certain foods then. I’ve got some iron pills iron pills are like the holy grail of energy if you’re ever low on energy pop one of the iron pills in. And boom next day you’re like a freakin Energizer Bunny well.

I don’t use them regularly. I just kind of use them if. I’m feeling really tired then we have this huge container of advil advil are like the go-to medicine for everything or ibuprofen in your country they might just be called ibuprofen or that’s like the generic drug name for them these are great for headaches sore feet sore body from hiking camping Sun burns oh my gosh if you get a sunburn pop a couple advil in because a sunburn all it is is an inflammation of your skin.

So advils are great for reducing inflammation of your skin there are lot of uses for advils. I like to carry a good good selection with me. I also have just like a mini flashlight in my first day kit oral electrolytes, you are suffering from diarrhea and or vomiting.

And you’re doing that for a couple days or more, you are going to be losing your fluids you’re going to be losing your electrolytes, this is basically just helps restore your body’s salts. And sugars or if you are just sweating or if you have a sunstroke oral electrolyte small skin going along with the blister packages. I carry a little thing a little skin this just kind of helps rubbing.

So if you have any places on your foot set to rubbing a little sewing kit. So, it’s got some needles, it’s got some threads to fix anything that needs to be fixed funny mending alcohol swabs these are for cleaning wounds cleaning cuts iodine point mints these are like heavy-duty wound cleaning solutions. So if you need something heavy-duty clean, you use the iodine polysporin antiseptic that.

I use for just general cuts iodine is if, it’s a heavy-duty cut. I carry a lot of band-aids because. I go through these like candy seriously.

I get a lot of mini cuts on my hands. I don’t know. I’m just it just happens.

I go through these like candy gaviscon or these are calcium carbonate tablets they’re basically anti they’re like anti-acids a lot of times, you are going to be eating food that doesn’t necessarily agree with, you and, you might get a really upset stomach that’s where these come in handy they’re gaviscon, you can get tums, it’s the same thing to just kind of help with heartburn acid reflux just that like burning stomach feeling, you get if you eat something that doesn’t really agree with, you or, it’s spicy there’s a lot of spice around the world. So lactates now, this is specific to me because. I’m lactose intolerant so.

I carry some lactates around tegra derm. I think. I always say it Tigra down these are like crazy sticking clear go through everything band-aids.

I liked about these when I had a huge burn on my foot or on my leg sorry um they stick like there is no tomorrow, you can keep these on for like a week. And they won’t come off, you feel like you’re hiking or if you’re doing a lot of activities these are like crazy good carry one of these which is a waterproof band-aid kind of peeling off the packaging, but, it’s a waterproof band-aid again if you are in top of climates having waterproof band-aids three different size gauze pads these are for wounds that are bigger than a band-aid size.

And that’s where this medical tape will come in because. I use the medical tape to strap through the gauze pads onto any kind of cuts that. I have second skin.

So, this is a burn pad now, this is super super important because once, you will burn once which happens quite often the not especially when motorcycles are involved having a burn pad is a life saver. So, this is kind of like, it’s like a moist thing, you put right on your burn the helps cool it down when, you get burned malaria tablets are something that, you would specifically use if you are going on certain trips into certain areas, it’s not necessarily for all trips. So what, you use to prevent malaria is the same thing, you use to treat malaria.

So if you get malaria. I’ve got pills emergency survival blanket, this is like thermal material developed from insulation use in space exploration. So it reflects back 90% of body heat spent to keep, you warm.

So there we go there we have it dies everything that. I put in my first-aid kit and I hope that has helped, you if there’s anything that, you put in your first-aid kit or anything that, you think.

I’m missing let me know down below in the comments. I’m very interested to see that yeah maybe not the most exciting post, but safety is important health is important having, you know the requirements to kind of get, you by until, you can find a proper pharmacy, it’s super super important when you’re traveling. So yeah there we go hope, you like this post if you did give it a thumbs up.

And don’t forget to comment to my blog for more travel tips. And advice etc okay bye. ?

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